May 22nd, 2017

Is Your Quest for Health Making You Sick? Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 in our series addressing the impact of stress on our health. In the first blog post, we discussed the slippery slope of restrictive diets. In this post, we’re going to examine the role of stress on the nervous system and discuss ways to generate a truly holistically healthy relationship with food.

May 15th

How Do Your Genes Feel About Stress?

This action-packed class will be discussing the long-term effects of stress, how it can have an impact on our gene transcription (epigenetics), thus putting us at risk for various diseases and cancer and how stress and epigenetics can potentially trigger the development of autoimmunity. Please join us for this exciting event!  The cost is $125/person (non-refundable).  Please call the NTI office to sign up at 303-377-3974.


Informational Webinar

We're on a mission to help people achieve optimum health. Will you join us?  This 1 hour Webinar will give you the inside scoop to getting started at Nutrition Therapy Institute and how to launch your career as a Nutrition Therapist or Natural Foods Chef.  You won’t want to miss this webinar to connect with NTI’s admissions counselors and other interested students from all over the world.  We can't wait to speak with you!  Sign up here:

May 4th

Nutrition Therapist vs. Registered Dietitian: What’s the Difference?

Navigating the terminology in the fields of nutrition and dietetics can make anyone’s head spin. If you’re anything like I was when I decided to go back to school to pursue nutrition, you may feel overwhelmed by terms like ‘board certified’, ‘registered’ and ‘licensed’, and even more so about which path is right for you. If you’re finding the decision between nutrition and dietetics a difficult one to make, you’re not alone.

April 26th

Nutritional Lab Assessments

Dr Karrina Wallace will be presenting this learning event about understanding basic lab reports and designing nutritional considerations around the results.  This is an extensive course offering different considerations for a variety of lab tests. The cost is $75 per person (non-refundable).  Bring your own lunch or plan to visit one of our local restaurants.  Space is limited so call the office today to sign up. 303-377-3974

April 19th

April 14th

Your Thyroid and Nutrition

Do you have questions about your thyroid?  Have you ever wondered what are the best foods to support thyroid health?  What should I do if I have Hypo or Hyper-thyroidism? How does the health of my thyroid effect the health of my other organs?  Well then, join us this evening to get answers to your questions!  Dr. Becky Spacke will dive into the thyroid and all of its beauty.  Sign up here: 

April 11th

Nutritional Lab Assessments

Join us for learning about understanding basic lab reports and designing nutritional considerations around the results.  This is a one hour introduction to this topic.  A more extensive course will be offered as a four hour learning event on May 19 - 10am-3pm.  Join us today to hear more about the learning event in May.  Sign up here - 

April 7th

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