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Healing with Salt

It seems that one of our favorite minerals has been getting a bad rap. We all know the fairly common adage of watching your salt intake, but we’re here say there is so much more to this essential nutrient than sprinkling it on your eggs in the morning.

New direction because of PRWF workshop

By: Erin Roth, NTI Student

It’s funny how things change.  There truly is a time and a season for everything and somehow they fit together.

I enrolled in the Personal Relationship With Food intensive learning workshop this past weekend as part of the curriculum to obtain my Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner certificate.  Although I had been looking forward to the workshop, I wondered how they would fill a weekend with this topic.

Latest Nutrition News: August 2015

Latest Nutrition News: August 2015

by Aimee McNew, MNT

With constant nutrition and medical research happening, it seems like we’re always finding out that long-accepted things are now “bad” and things long maligned as bad are now “good.” How can you sort through the madness and stay on top of the latest and greatest in research? Here’s a roundup of recent news:

Making the Most of Vitamin D During the Summer Months

Making The Most of Vitamin D During The Summer Months by Aimee McNew, MNT

Now that we are officially into the summer months, are you fully utilizing the benefits of sun time to boost your vitamin D intake? The fat-soluble vitamin, which doubles as a hormone, has few dietary sources, but since it can be synthesized within the body as a direct result of sun exposure we have an endless supply available.While our bodies can produce all of the vitamin D that we need, we must first enable it to do so by providing the right conditions:

NTI’s 16th Master Nutrition Therapy Graduation

NTI is very proud of its latest class of graduating Master Nutrition Therapy students. In celebration, a graduation ceremony for friends, family and fellow classmates was held last Friday at the Capitol Hill United Neighborhood Community Center. The festivities included champagne, a string quartet, and a table over flowing with nutritious, delicious food, fit for our honored guests.

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