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Dude’s Foods

My name is Aaron Mello and this is the first installment in a monthly series I’ll be writing about men’s health and nutrition called “Dude’s Foods”! Why focus on men in particular, you might wonder?

Congrats to all of our MNT Graduates!

The Nutrition Therapy Institute’s MNT (Master Nutrition Therapist) graduates are amazing! In the past year, we have had 32 students complete their studies. They have spent thousands of hours learning about nutrition and the science behind it.  With passion and perseverance, they are ready to make their mark in the area of nutrition. They are well equipped to succeed! We had the opportunity to celebrate our graduates last Friday evening.

Cool Crisp Kale Cashew Mint Salad

What better way to nourish yourself during the hot summer days than with a refreshing kale cashew mint salad? This salad is great for lunch or dinner. No-heat cooking this time of year is such a relief! Dig in to this refreshing salad and let us know what you think!

1 bunch lacinato kale- washed and shredded

2 cups cabbage (green or red) – shredded

Amazing Microbes!

Realistic rendering of bacteria – in green colors

There are a lot of relationships to nurture in life. Relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers are often the connections we think of. But we want you to think smaller. Much smaller.

When was the last time you nurtured your relationship with your microbes? Or even more specifically, your gut biome? This could be one of the most important relationships to have!

It’s Never Too Late…

We are very proud of Michelle Frett and her recent accomplishment of becoming a Natural Food Chef. Her story is a real testament to the idea that it is never too late to choose a different direction…

I became a Natural Food Chef because:

I wanted to start a new career that I would enjoy. I realized that the two things (besides my kids) that I am most excited about are cooking and nutrition/natural health. It just made sense to put the two together and make that a career.

Congratulations to the May 2016 Natural Food Chef graduates!

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to our newest class of Natural Foods Chef graduates.  These dedicated students have spent the past four months studying holistic nutrition for specific health conditions,perfecting their professional cooking skills, and training in business to prepare themselves for their dream careers!

Healing with Salt

It seems that one of our favorite minerals has been getting a bad rap. We all know the fairly common adage of watching your salt intake, but we’re here say there is so much more to this essential nutrient than sprinkling it on your eggs in the morning.

New direction because of PRWF workshop

By: Erin Roth, NTI Student

It’s funny how things change.  There truly is a time and a season for everything and somehow they fit together.

I enrolled in the Personal Relationship With Food intensive learning workshop this past weekend as part of the curriculum to obtain my Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner certificate.  Although I had been looking forward to the workshop, I wondered how they would fill a weekend with this topic.

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