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Dude's Foods: Eat Like a Man

Dude’s Foods: Eat Like A Man

What does it mean to “eat like a man?” What does this phrase suggest to you? For many people, “manly” meals primarily consist of large portions of meat, often paired with a beer or whiskey.

The character Ron Swanson from the TV show Parks and Recreation is a popular example of this type of masculinity. Many of Ron’s memorable quotes involve his love affair with meat, whether it’s bacon-wrapped shrimp or a steak served with a good Scotch, neat.

2 Step Homemade Almond Butter

This is so simple, healthy, and yummy, you'll have time and energy to do some 2 steppin' on the dance floor when you're finished!

If you are like me, you prefer the fresh, ground, raw, organic, unsalted almond butter. However, unless it there is a buy one get one free deal , this variety is often on the pricier side. The good news is: nothing is fresher or better tasting than blending it up in your own kitchen. Plus, you know it’s made with love!

Not only are almonds tasty, they come with a load of health benefits! They are great for your brain, immune system and heart:

Synthetic Vitamins

Are you aware of all of the synthetic vitamins that not only exist, but that we consume on a regular basis? It can be shocking!

Organic vitamins occur as a molecule naturally in the whole food, making it difficult to extract from natural resources. Synthetic vitamins are produced through isolating certain molecules. When the molecule is isolated, it acts like a drug in the body.

Let’s take a look at some common synthetic vitamins in places you may have never expected.

Dude’s Foods: Opening our minds, our hearts and our practices to men

It’s no secret that holistic nutrition is a heavily female dominated field. Practitioners are disproportionately female and so are the clients they see. My graduating class was nearly 95% female and I was the only male graduate. As a male nutrition therapist, I’m something of an anomaly.

Over the last few years I’ve been approached several times by passionate women who want to know how to get more men interested in holistic nutrition. I’ve done my best to offer what I hope were helpful suggestions.

Affordable DIY Sushi! (Vegan)

This is one of my favorite DIY Sushi recipes. Working above a sushi restaurant is tempting to say the least but buying sushi for lunch everyday can be pricey. I manage to make 10 hearty rolls at home for under $20 (keep in mind I already had brown rice and sauces)! I feel a lot better about spending $2 on lunch compared to the $11 restaurant price! There is no need to be intimidated when it comes to making sushi. There is also no need to purchase a sushi rolling mat (unless you want one of course). I find the most important factor in making successful sushi to be good sticky rice.

Dude’s Foods: Depression & The Gut-Brain Connection

Dear dudes of Dude’s Foods, I need to level with you. I still struggle with depression. Although I have been recovered from bipolar depression for several years now thanks to nutrition therapy, I still have days where those old thoughts and habits creep up again. This past week I have put a lot of pressure on myself to write a memorable and informative blog post and that pressure has affected my mood. It’s time to take a step back and breathe.

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