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At NTI, we take pride in empowering our students to take charge of their health. Many come to us with health challenges, and in the resources, the learning, and the supportive community, they receive what they need to claim the health and vitality they have been seeking.

One of the cornerstones of the NTI experience is The Intensive Learning Workshop. Consisting of two 3-day weekends, these workshops provide the opportunity to open your experiential learning and deepen the awareness underlying your personal nutritional patterns and state of health. In addition, you will make lasting relationships with faculty and students from all over the country.

The workshops are designed as a retreat from the everyday pressures of your life. Housed in Denver in the facility that hosts our Natural Foods Chef Program, students spend the days and evenings together and rest at night in their own lodging. All of the workshops are scheduled on weekends from late September to early November. Many consider this not only a transformative highlight of their NTI education, but a transformative highlight of their life.

To learn more about our workshops schedule a meeting with our admissions department.


There are two workshops:

The learning workshop associated with the foundation courses of the Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner program is concerned with students’ personal relationship with food.

The second learning workshop, associated with the advanced courses of the Master Nutrition Therapist program , is a personalized detoxification weekend.

To learn more about our workshops schedule a meeting with our admissions department.


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