NFC Tuition

NTI is currently accepting applications for the Natural Food Chef program winter and fall terms of 2018. The winter term starts the week of  January 23rd and ends the week of May 24th. The fall term begins August 14th and ends December 13th. Program tuition for winter 2018 is $8490 and materials are $1000 for a total of $9490. Program tuition for fall 2018 is $8750 and materials are $1030 for a total of $9780; the application fee is $75.

Please contact the office with admissions questions and payment plan due dates for each term.


Books required for all courses are carefully selected to provide a useful ongoing reference library for Natural Food Chef graduates. NFC students purchase books independently. NTI does not sell books. The cost of books varies considerably depending on where they are purchased. There are online book vendors that offer used books at discount prices.

The following online booksellers carry most of the required books.

Budget approximately $400-500 for the cost of books for the Natural Food Chef courses.

Additional Costs

Natural Food Chef students will be expected to purchase professional knives.

NFC students will be expected to purchase sturdy, non-slip shoes for protection to wear during cooking classes.

Certification as a Personal Chef is available through national organizations. The cost, paid directly to the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) or the American Personal & Private Chef Association (APPCA), is $695-895. This is optional.

Equipment for personal home kitchens will be at the student’s discretion and own expense. This is an optional expense and will be discussed in the Kitchen Organization and Equipment class.

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