Oncology Nutrition Therapy Program

COMING MAY 1, 2017!!

Nutrition Therapy Institute is launching a groundbreaking, board certified nutrition program for the prevention and management of cancer beginning in Spring, 2017!

Nutrition Therapy Institute is launching Oncology Nutrition Therapy Program May 1, 2017!

Oncology Nutrition Therapy Program

Mission and Philosophy

Approximately 85% of all cancer cases are caused by diet and lifestyle. Food is fundamental. It can both contribute to the development of cancer and also help to prevent and manage the cancer process. The Nutrition Therapy Institute created the Oncology Nutrition Program to provide the proper education around what foods contribute to cancer and which help to avert it. This program illuminates how these foods impact health through referencing hundreds of published studies and empowers students to guide clients into making optimal changes. We’re all about clinical outcomes, so we offer a program that complements standard medical treatments, provides preventive approaches, and supports longevity and vitality long after the initial diagnosis. And all of this within four, 10-week intensive courses, an Internship, and a Board Exam.

Nutrition is an effective adjuvant therapy that can enhance the effectiveness of standard treatments including chemotherapy while also helping mitigate side effects and improve quality of life. Using Oncology Nutrition Therapy as an integrated and holistic approach to cancer significantly improves clinical outcomes. At NTI, we believe that all cancer patients should have access to safe, evidence-based, metabolic-focused Nutrition Therapy approaches to help improve their care. Food is powerful medicine, and our job is to train students on the best practices in the emerging field of Oncology Nutrition Therapy.

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Program Description

NTI’s Oncology Nutrition Therapy Program provides rigorous training based on the most up to date and comprehensive research in the field of Oncology Nutrition. Students will gain extensive knowledge of nutrition related to the different types of cancer, food-based preventative approaches, therapeutic diet design, mechanisms of anticancer foods, supplements and interactions, laboratory assessments, conventional treatment approaches, and the management of side effects. Oncology Nutrition Therapy (ONT) is a therapeutic approach to managing and preventing cancer through the use of a specifically designed diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocol that is created, monitored, and adapted based on the changing requirements of the client. Our nutrition philosophy is centered on bio-individuality, with emphasis on whole foods that are genetically appropriate, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, non-toxic, and low glycemic. The program is 500 hours and is approved by the State of Colorado. It consists of four, ten-week courses, and a 100-hour internship. 

This program is designed for current or aspiring nutrition professionals looking to specialize in oncology and for other practitioners who want to add the value of oncology-focused nutrition therapy to their established practices, including:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Nurses
  • Acupuncturists
  • More

The program is 100% on-line, allowing students from across the globe to enroll. It is formatted to be highly interactive, encouraging communication, collaboration, and networking within the student body. Graduates will have work opportunities in hospitals and other clinical settings, establish successful private practices, and pursue opportunities within the writing, research, supplement, and other nutrition-related fields. For students interested in learning Oncology Nutrition Therapy for personal, non-professional use, a non-credit track is available, consisting of the four core courses, but excluding the internship and board examination.

There are start dates throughout the year. In the first course, students learn the various causes of cancer (including epigenetics and blood sugar balance) and the preventative nutrition therapy approaches. Course 2 focuses on therapeutic phytonutrients, food groups and supplements for cancer, therapeutic diet design, client intake, and functional lab assessments.  Course 3 covers the different types of cancer, their associated treatments and specific nutrition considerations. Course 4, nutrition considerations for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery will be covered in depth, in addition to providing support materials for death and dying.

At the conclusion of the courses, the students are eligible to sit for the board examination. The examination is reviewed and approved by the Oncology Nutrition Board, comprised of some of the nations leading Naturopathic Oncology Physicians, and MD's specializing in the field.  Meet our board members:  Jorg Dietrich, MMSc, MD, PhD;  Nasha Winters, ND, LAc, FABNODIPLOM; Kirsten West, ND, LAc; Jeanne Wallace, PhD, CNC; Jess Kelley, MNT.

Click Here For Our Board Members’ Bios

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Admission Requirements

In order to be successful in this program, students are required to have a passing grade in the four prerequisite courses listed below OR be a graduate of a similar nutrition program.  Nurses, ND's, Chiropractors, MD's, and other healthcare professionals may not need to complete prerequisite courses through NTI.  For non-healthcare professionals or those who do not hold an education from another nutrition program, prerequisite courses are offered by NTI and must be completed prior to acceptance.

If you are a graduate of another educational program, you will need to provide your transcripts.  Acceptance will be determined on an individual basis by the Director.

Program Tuition and Fees for Online Learning

NTI Board Certified Oncology Nutrition Therapist Courses

10-Week Courses

Program Tution and Fees

Bank entry 75
Causes of Cancer and Preventative Nutrition Approaches 1210
Oncology Nutrition Therapy 1210
Types of Cancer, Conventional Treatments, and Nutrition Therapy Protocols 1210
Role of Nutrition in Conventional Cancer Treatments 1210
Internship 675
NTI Board Exam (required only for board certification) 375

Pre-requisites are not included in the above fees or tuition. These pre-requisite courses may be waived depending on previous education. Requests will be approved by the Director. The pre-requisite courses required for this program include:

Oncology Nutrition bottom table

Anatomy & Physiology for the Nutritionist 1110
Biochemical Foundations of Nutrition 1110
Nutrients: the Building Blocks 1110
Digestion & Detoxification 1110

Nutrition Therapy Institute is launching Oncology Nutrition Therapy Program May 1, 2017!

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