Physical Observations for Nutritional Deficiencies

Spend the day with NTI and Dr Keri Brown learning about how observing physical attributes can determine the health of the individual.  

Learning how to observe physical features can help you determine your own or your clients’ nutritional deficiency patterns and needs.  While correlating specific observations and testing procedures, you can determine your health, your utilization of nutritional factors and what focus is best for you or your client. Our body’s show us and can tell us what it needs if we know the signs.  We will look at our tongue, face, nails and more while we determine how to help our bodies through specific physical observations!  

Please bring a mirror, if you have one, to look at your own tongue, eyes, and face.

Advanced registration required (before January 17) - $99/person (you must cancel three days prior to the event for a full refund, otherwise the charge is non-refundable).  Sign up here:

Friday, January 19, 9am - 5pm

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