Student Spotlight: Jan Scott, MNT

Jan Scott is one of our MNT graduates who has incorporated her nutrition knowledge into her work with horses. Jan maintains a horse massage business, teaches horse wellness clinics, and works with abused and impaired horses that are need of energy work and dietary changes.

Below is our interview with Jan.

1) What made you decide to study nutrition?

Internship Spotlight: Marva Jolly

As part of the Master Nutrition Therapy (MNT) coursework at NTI, students are required to do a 50-hour internship. This gives students an opportunity to observe and experience what they’ve learned in a professional environment. Students can choose to do their 50 hours at the same site, or they can choose to split up their hours among various sites.

Graduate Spotlight: Chef Rachel Hogan

Chef Rachel Hogan graduated from the Natural Foods Chef Program in 2013. Rachel’s culinary specialties include preparing wild game and fish. She was recently featured in Hunt & Fish Magazine. Rachel was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2008 and has used her nutritional knowledge to help herself heal. Below is our interview with Chef Rachel.

What made you decide to become a chef?

Instructor Spotlight: Dianne Koehler

Dianne Koehler is one of NTI’s fabulous instructors. She is a Master Nutrition Therapist, a Certified GAPS Practitioner and a Weston A. Price chapter leader. Diane has an extensive knowledge of herbal therapeutics, functional blood chemistry analysis, integrative detox systems, and functional endocrinology.

We thought we’d ask Dianne a little bit about her journey into nutrition, and learn more about her role with Weston A. Price.

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