Top Ten Steps to Total Health and Well-Being: an eBook


Top Ten Steps to Total Health and Well-Being: an eBook
Posted on Mar 28, 2017 by ntischool

I work in the admissions office of NTI, and people often ask me for holistic health and nutrition recommendations. It seems that we’re all seeking similar advice. We want to feel better and have more energy. The advice seems consistent, too: Eat well, get better sleep, exercise, and reduce stress. Sounds simple, right?

In theory, it is. But of course we all face obstacles that make change feel overwhelming. It turns out there are additional specific and doable changes we can all start incorporating right now on the path to overall wellness. We enlisted the help of one of our veteran instructors, Dr. Kat Peterson, to come up with a list of TOP TEN steps to total health and well-being. Dr. Kat wrote this eBook as a reference guide when circumstances seem too overwhelming for actual, beneficial change. Dr. Kat encourages with her words of wisdom and her mind-body-spirit approach to total wellness and harmony.

Dr. Kat’s # 1 tip to total health and wellbeing?  “You are what you eat!” We’ve all heard this adage, but she inspires us to consider it in a broader context. Our society has lived through the big fat-free craze, and the fear that eating fat will make one become fat does not stand up to scientific research. Dr. Kat explains:

“What you put into your body is so important. I call these Wise Food Choices! Now, the wisdom comes from both knowing what to eat for your body and also making conscious food choices environmentally.

Most of us, if asked, “What should we eat?” would inherently know the answer:

• Protein at every meal to help with rebuilding

• Complex carbohydrates to help fuel

• Fruits and veggies for antioxidants, fiber and vitamins

We tend to leave out that dreaded four-letter word “FATS.” Fats are both essential and vital to how we function as a machine.


There are the “Good” fats and the “Bad” fats. The problem occurred when for several decades we were encouraged to remove fats from our diets. We not only cut back on harmful ones, but we also cut back on healthy fats. Fats help supply energy to the body (best storage form of energy with double the capacity in caloric output), they are essential for our nervous system and they are needed to aid in certain vitamin and mineral absorption. Good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, vital for the cellular wall and several other functions in the body like hormone production and nerve function. Bad ones are all industrial-made trans fats, because the body can’t recognize them. Saturated fats fall in between. These are the most common fat in the SAD Standard American Diet--solid at room temperature; they are best kept at less than 10% of the total diet.”

Interested in more tips essential to well-being?

Interested in what vitamins and minerals are essential to optimal health or how inflammation wreaks havoc on your body? Download a copy of Top 10 Steps to Total Health and Well-Being, and start making changes today.

Rebecca Lederman graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts. She is passionate about living a sustainable, compassionate and healthy lifestyle and hopes to inspire the same passion in others.

Dr. Katherine Peterson is the owner of All Around Health, Impact Health, LLC and Mile High Sports Nutrition, LLC. She has had a lifelong interest in medicine and has a diverse background as a Naturopathic Doctor, ski patrol, EMT, chiropractic assistant, hospice worker, personal trainer, and yoga

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