Be Well at NTI Speaker Series – What’s The Brain Got To Do With It?

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Part 1: Tuesday September 24, 5-6:30pm

Part 2: Tuesday October 22, 5-6:30pm

What’s going on in the brain and how is it a root factor in chronic illness? A two-part series that ties brain dysfunction to body health.

The gut often receives a lot of attention for its role in the onset of disease, but what about the brain? For example, did you know that a concussion can induce leaky gut syndrome within 30 minutes of the injury? Or that, in a process called ‘neurogenic inflammation,’ inflammation in the brain can lead to systemic inflammation? It is arguable that the brain deserves just as much attention as he gut when assessing root factors of chronic illness, and that is exactly what this class is about.

In this 2-part series, we will take a deep dive into functional brain chemistry, discussing brain anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, signs and symptoms of brain dysfunction, and unlock how brain health affects body health. After completing this class, you will never assess yourself or your clients in the same way again.

Ticket price for Part 1: $35 – purchase tickets here:

Ticket Price for Part 2: $35 – purchase tickets here:

Taught by Kimsey Self

Kimsey is the founder and owner of Progressive Health and Wellness. Her passion for health began at an early age and has never waned. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College, Kimsey Self has completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program from the Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) and is currently pursuing her PhD in Natural Medicine from International Quantum University, a school specializing in degree programs in natural and integrative medicine based on the science of quantum physics. She has also completed additional training in functional medicine, including Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Brain Chemistry, and Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification, and still regularly attends medical and business conferences. To bring everything full circle, Kimsey now teaches for her alma mater, the Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Kimsey strongly believes that education is paramount to success. She has been a guest speaker several times on the Michael Brown KHOW radio show, an “I Heart Radio” top 100 broadcast reaching thousands across the nation, and has been interviewed on many podcasts and media outlets. All credentials aside, her clients describe her passion as “infectious”, her humor as “contagious”, and her methods as “effective.” Kimsey is all about getting results while having a good time doing it.

In her spare time, Kimsey loves running with her dog, hiking, yoga, snowboarding, and spending time with friends and family.

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