Pillars of Mental Health

The Body-Centered Pillars of Mental Health

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Nearly 40% of the United States population reported feeling symptoms of anxiety or depression in 2021. While talk therapy and medication can be extremely helpful for some, for others, it leaves them feeling even more anxious or hopeless when they don’t lead to the results they’re looking for. Ample evidence shows, however, that anxiety and depression have its origins in the body, and when these imbalances are fixed, mental health improves.

Join us for a 3-part online series on Holistic Approaches to Mental Health

In this series, Integrative Nutritionist, Kimsey Bourquin, will review 3 body-centered pillars of mental health. In Part 1, she will discuss how nutrition, including blood sugar, nutrient deficiencies, and food sensitivities affect mental health. In Part 2, she will cover the gut-brain connection, specifically the impact of the microbiome and GI inflammation on mental health. In the final webinar, Part 3, she will discuss the impact of chronic stress and nervous system hyper-vigilance. In all talks, she will provide action-based tips for optimizing mood through the body.

Presenter Bio: Kimsey Bourquin is an Integrative Nutritionist in her company, Progressive Health and Wellness, an online integrative health practice specializing in helping people finally free themselves from chronic symptoms by fixing the root causes for lasting results.

When: Monday-Wednesday, December 11-13, 2023 • 4pm MT each day for 1 hour

Ticket Price: $75; includes participation in the live online event and 1-month access to the recordings for all registrants

Registration deadline: Registration is now closed

Open to all, including NTI students and grads

Refund Policy:

If NTI cancels the event, all participants will get a full refund of their purchased ticket price.

A $15 processing fee will be assessed for participants who cancel their registration up to 24 hours before the event start time.

After the 24-hour cancellation window, no refunds will be issued.

Image by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

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