Cooking to Nourish Your Bones at Nutrition Therapy Institute

Cooking to Nourish: Bone Health

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NTI is partnering with the University of Denver Enrichment Program
to offer non-credit Educational Classes for the Curious

The April 2023 class is: Cooking to Nourish Your Bones

If you’re walking and doing some weight bearing exercises, you’re doing the right things to maintain healthy bones. But there’s something else you can do: eat well. Yes, diet also plays a key role in bone density maintenance. Here’s a class with two parts and one goal: to help you learn how to make the kinds of food choices that support rather than diminish bone health.

Join nutrition expert Dianne Koehler and Chef Jacqui Gabel as they share specific and life-changing information on bone strength. In the first part of the class, which lasts 30 minutes, Koehler introduces five vital nutrients that are needed for long-term preservation of bone density. Explore the roles these nutrients play, the downsides of deficiency, and the best ways to reach regular levels of health.

In part two, a 90-minute hands-on cooking class, Chef Jacqui takes what you learned in part one and guides you in preparing and cooking a gluten-free meal using the five nutrients that impart maximum nutritional support for bone health. This dish is nutrient dense and includes high-quality protein with tasty plant-based sides. “My hope is you leave feeling inspired so that you change the way you think about food and how you prepare it,” Gabel says.

This event is now closed

Class is held at Nutrition Therapy Institute in Arvada, Colorado. Seating is limited to 10 participants so register early!

Registration and ticket sales are done through DU: Register for the event here

Learn more about how to nutritionally support bone health by reading part 2 and part 4 of the healthy aging series in the NTI Nutrition Blog archive.

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