Empowered Learning:

  • NTI core values teach functional nutrition that is holistic and science based, and grounded in fundamentals.
  • There is so much nutrition information out there, we teach you how to know what to believe.
  • We prepare students to be critical thinkers, teachers, and consumers of nutrition information.
  • We gently guide students to master the material - Previous science background is not required!
  • We teach basic business skills geared specifically toward being a nutrition professional, preparing students to be entrepreneurs, work for someone else, or do something totally different.

Respect for Individuality:

  • We recognize that each person has unique dietary requirements and we educate students how to identify the best way to meet these individual needs.
  • We don’t teach a cookie cutter approach that says one size fits all.
  • Students learn to build personalized nutrition protocols for their clients to maximize impact.
  • Students have the expertise and skills necessary to make a difference for clients the day they graduate.

Honoring The Student Journey:

  • We care greatly about each student and their wellness path.
  • We encourage students to respect their own needs for nutritional and lifestyle support.
  • Students become healthier versions of themselves so they can guide others from a place of personal experience
  • We provide personal and professional tools for students to thrive in their work after NTI.
  • We make it easier to fit going to school into any lifestyle by offering both online and classroom learning - you choose which works best for you.

Making A Difference:

  • We believe that food choices have widespread global, social, ethical, environmental, and health impacts.
  • We know that every dollar spent and every bite taken can initiate change in the world.
  • Our curriculum helps lay the groundwork for students to make positive changes for themselves and their families that then expand to their local communities and the greater world.
  • Graduates are empowered to engage in a career that aligns with their own core values.

Become part of the nutrition solution by joining us at NTI.

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