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The 3 Course Formats at Nutrition Therapy Institute

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One of the Core Values at Nutrition Therapy Institute is honoring the student journey – this includes offering both Online and Classroom learning for the Nutrition Therapist Master Certification.

There are 3 different learning formats offered at Nutrition Therapy Institute. We offer Independent Start Online, Group Start Online and Classroom options.

Let’s discuss the details of each course format so you can decide which option would work best for you!

Course Formats

As a student at NTI, you can take courses in a group learning style. You have the choice of taking class in-person as a Classroom student, or online as a Group Start Online student during any of our 4 academic terms (fall, winter, spring or summer).  If group learning isn’t your style, you can choose Independent Start Online and begin your course anytime.


For Classroom students, we meet in the sunny Arvada, CO classroom every week for 3 hours throughout the 10-week course duration. The Classroom course schedule can be found on the academic calendar.

The classroom at Nutrition Therapy Institute

Group Start Online

For Group Start Online, you would follow the start date according to the academic calendar. Students can start the program during any term (you do not have to wait for the fall term). You move through the 10-week course with a cohort of students.

Group Start is the perfect option for students wanting something similar to an in-classroom experience – you get some live instruction from your instructor, and the opportunity to meet other online students. You will have access to 10 live weekly webinars, where the instructor goes over a topic relevant to that week’s material, and students can ask questions and communicate with their classmates. This live interaction is great to help solidify the course material!

online student studying

Independent Start Online

If you want to take a course as an Independent Start Online student, you can start any Monday of the year! This is the self-start option. Your course still runs for 10 weeks, but you can also finish the material faster if you want to.

Independent start provides you with the most flexibility, but you do not get any live instruction or regular communication with fellow students. There is nothing to attend live or in person – one of our core values is offering a flexible program to support everyone’s journey. 

Course Format FAQs

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to the 3 different course formats:

Do I have to start my first course in the fall?

You can start during any term as a Classroom or Group Start Online student – we offer a Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer term. You can find the term schedule posted on our Academic Calendar. As an Independent Start Online student, you can start anytime – you choose your start date. Enrollment and applications are always open – you can start whenever you are ready!

Do I have to choose just one format for my entire certification?

Nope! As you move through the program, you can mix and match the different formats. You are not “locked in” to any format. For the Group Start Online or Classroom formats, students can begin during any term. You can start with us in the fall, winter, spring or summer. And as mentioned, for Independent Start Online, you can start any Monday of the year.

How many courses do I take at once?

When you are a student in the Nutrition Therapist Master program, you have the flexibility to choose how many courses you would like to take at once. You must take at least one course per term, but you can take two or three courses at a time if that fits in your schedule.

How long does it take to complete the NTMC program?

Students typically take anywhere from 1 year to 3 years to graduate. This will depend on how many courses you are enrolled in concurrently, and how quickly you begin your next course(s).

Additionally, as an Independent Start Online student, you can complete the course material in less than 10 weeks.

What if I have to miss a Classroom class or a Group Start Online webinar?

There is an attendance policy for Classroom classes and the Online Group Start webinars – students must attend at least 7 out of the 10 classes to pass the course. This allows for flexibility in case of emergencies, illness, travel, vacations, or any other issues that might come up. We recommend checking the classroom and webinar times before registering to make sure the weekly classes fit your schedule and you can plan ahead. You can find the class times on the Academic Calendar.

What if I have questions and want to speak with an instructor?

You will always have access to your instructor, regardless of the format you are enrolled in. Instructors typically communicate through email – we want to make sure all your questions are answered, and you receive the support you need. As a Classroom student, you would also see your instructor in person every week. As a Group Start Online student, you would spend 1 hour each week with your instructor during the weekly webinar.

Additionally, all students have access to an NTI online communication platform, as well as a Private Facebook group. These are ways to get in touch with fellow students if you would like to form study groups, ask questions, or keep in touch.

Course Type Comparison Chart

Lastly, here is a comparison chart to see how each of the 3 formats compare.

Nutrition Therapy Institute Course Type Comparison

Do you have additional questions?

Contact our Admissions team to learn more! You can call us directly (303-284-8361), send us an email at ad*******@nt*******.com, or book a video/phone call.

You can also learn more by signing up for an informational webinar, held every Wednesday at 12 pm (MT).


About Nutrition Therapy Institute’s Holistic Nutrition Certification

No matter which course format you choose, you will receive the highest quality nutrition training in the most comprehensive holistic nutrition courses available. Interested in starting our science-based nutrition courses and earning your holistic nutrition certification? Start your application today!

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