Functional Medicine Expert, Dr. Glen Harrison, DC, B.Sc

November 24, 2023

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Dr. Glen Harrison is the leading functional medicine expert and practitioner at the Center of Functional Medicine in Westminster, CO. Listen in as he and Dianne discuss his root cause approach, the relationships he builds with his clients, and more!

About Dr. Glen Harrison

“Prior to enrolling in chiropractic college, I worked in the geological exploration sector of the mining industry. This gave me the opportunity to work on projects in extremely remote locations around the world including the northern tip of Greenland, the Tian Shan mountain range in central Asia, and the Svalbard Islands in the Norwegian Sea.

My inspiration to pursue a career in chiropractic came from an injury that jeopardized both my ability to work in the mining sector and my long-term physical health. After pursuing many forms of treatment without experiencing any relief in my symptoms, my father suggested that I seek chiropractic care. In addition to traditional adjustments, the chiropractor provided me with conditioning, stretching, and nutritional guidance, and my pain began to subside. After experiencing the frustration associated with constantly feeling unwell and the relief I achieved after receiving comprehensive care, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others achieve similar results.

Throughout the course of my education, I gained an even greater appreciation for the potential health gains that functional medicine and proper nutrition can provide, especially for patients with impaired biochemistry. This simple principle always stands true: if human biochemistry is even slightly impaired true health and longevity cannot be achieved. These basic laws of human physiology can never be avoided.”

Dr. Harrison and Dianne discuss the root cause approach of functional medicine:

02:20 – Dr. Harrison’s health and educational background
09:45 – What is the root cause approach?
15:08 – If you aren’t doing this, there is nothing a practitioner can do that will help you
20:17 – The issues with over-supplementation
28:08 – Why conventional medicine is not designed for chronic care
34:30 – About Dr. Harrison’s practice and how you can work with him

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