A chart of Minerals for the Genetic Code

Dr. Richard Olree Minerals for the Genetic Code – Part 2

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We’d like to once again thank Dr. Richard Olree for sharing his expertise with us. Dr. Olree has been studying minerals and their effect on our genes for over 30 years. You can read Part 1 of the series here.

Below are some questions we asked Dr. Olree.

1) Tell us about the Standard Genetic Periodic Chart that you created.

This chart contains minerals, subatomic particles, and overlays the standard genetic chart utilized by all genetic researchers. With this knowledge you can take any genetic sequence and find out what the vibratory rates, anti-vibratory rates, bonding angles, electro-negativity and so on are. This is how to marry genetics to gravity, magnesium, weak and strong electro forces, and gain a better understanding of how DNA works.

Each of the nine octaves on the original Walter Russell Mineral Chart has been reworked and is named the Russell/Olree Biological Periodic Chart. Each level of minerals has a dominant electron charge. The charge is in relationship to DNA and mRNA. The levels or octave and the dominant charge are as follows:

Octave 1 has a dominant -0- charge Alphanon (subatomic particle) is the controlling mineral

Octave 2 has a dominant +1 charge Marconium (subatomic particle) is the controlling mineral

Octave 3 has a dominant +2 charge Ethlogen (subatomic particle) is the controlling mineral

Octave 4 has a dominant +3 charge Boron is the controlling mineral

Octave 5 has a dominant +4 and -4

a. Carbon is the +4 controlling mineral

b. Silicon is the -4 controlling mineral

Octave 6 has a dominant -3 charge Phosphorus is the controlling mineral

Octave 7 has a dominant -2 charge Selenium is the controlling mineral

Octave 8 has a dominant -1 charge Iodine is the controlling mineral

Octave 9 has a dominant -0- charge Radon is the controlling mineral

2) Can you give us an example of what our body does when a specific mineral is not available?

There is no way to obtain longevity without the proper amount of any mineral needed for the process of DNA. For example, if you get low on boron, the second most abundant mineral of the cerebral spinal fluid, aluminum levels rise, giving way to abnormal transportation of nutrition through the Tau transportation system. The problem starts within the pancreas giving way to abnormal sugar levels that spread to the brain, contributing to the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Another problem is that testosterone starts to drop and estrogen goes up with low boron levels and is reversed with the addition of boron.

3) In your book, you state that the majority of people are very iodine deficient. What happens when we have an iodine deficiency?

Gravity, magnetism, and weak and strong interactions with the genetic code are all maintained with minerals. Iodine has the most electrons and is the heaviest, most important mineral for human life. Everything goes wrong when with there is not enough iodine. Cardiovascular disease is prevalent with chronic iodine deficient related problems.

4) Tell us about the trace mineral yttrium.

Yttrium is one of the universe’s most abundant minerals but relativity rare on earth. It is a single limiting reaction for the reproduction of the bifo species of gut bacteria. These bacteria provide us with ability to utilize selenium. Yttrium is found in the cerebral spinal fluids.

5) Tell us about the mineral selenium.

When the sun hits the early stages of life in a plant, carbon dioxide, water and sugar combine to make chlorophyll. The chlorophyll breaks down due to oxidation of the chlorophyll molecule. Selenium is the master mineral in control of regulatory oxidation. Selenium has the electron valance of -2 and is in control of regulation of all the minerals that have a +2 charge. The list of needed +2 minerals is as follows: magnesium, calcium, beryllium, barium, zinc, iron, nickel, copper, vanadium, manganese, germanium and gallium.

Selenium detoxifies cadmium and mercury at a one to one ratio. Mercury is found attached to semen as a way to detox mercury from the male gender and is deposited in the female reproductive tract. In a low selenium status, the mercury enables the HPV viruses to propagate leading to the second most deadly cancer of women.

When animals are deprived of selenium, the body will move all the selenium to the brain to maintain selenium levels there. Life could not be without selenium, and it is estimated that 4 out 6 humans walking the earth are selenium deficient. One of the biggest causes of cancer is the lack of selenium allowing viruses to turn off the most important tumor suppressing gene called P-53.

Selenium is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the more promising cancer chemo-preventative agents, and there are strong indications that it has a role in reducing viral expression, in preventing heart disease and other cardiovascular and muscle disorders, and in delaying the progression of AIDS in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients.

6) How do organically bound minerals compare to salt minerals when it comes to health?

All minerals have electron valances and are always seeking the opposite electron, either from other minerals or from some organic compound. Minerals that are taken up by the root system have been regulated by the bacteria in the soil and married to an organic complex that gives the minerals properties that are not found in just a mineral complex.

7) Explain the connection between acupuncture energy fields and minerals.

As stated above all minerals have electric charge and regenerate at different times of the day, month, and year in cycles we have yet to understand. It is the minerals that caused the DNA code to regenerate the body at different times of the day. This cycle was noted over 5000 years ago.

8) Tell us about your upcoming books.

I have coauthored Minerals for the Genetic Code which is in the fourth printing. I authored the book Minerals for Tumor Suppressing Genes, and An Amishman’s Guide for Minerals, Vitamins, and Food Supplementation. The next three books to be released soon are Minerals for Acupuncture Meridians, Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Chiropractic, and an unnamed book on boron and human DNA.

The book Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Chiropractic is about what the makeup is of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) and lays out all the genes that can and are activated by the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid. A treatment to the spine can affect up to 11,327 genes. That is over one third of the genetic code under the control of a trained set of hands.

Mineral for Acupuncture Meridians describes the relationship of subatomic particles, minerals and amino acids in the constant flow of weak electromagnetic energy of the human body.

Boron for the Human Body is just getting a rough draft.

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