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Dude’s Foods

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My name is Aaron Mello and this is the first installment in a monthly series I’ll be writing about men’s health and nutrition called “Dude’s Foods”! Why focus on men in particular, you might wonder?

Although men make up slightly more than 50% of Colorado’s population[i], they remain a small minority of the people accessing holistic health practitioners, including nutritionists. In other words, men are missing out on the awesome power of holistic nutrition to transform lives! As a result, men’s health is suffering and men’s life expectancy is currently nearly five years shorter than women’s[ii].

In fact, the odds are good that you, my wonderful reader, are female. And that’s great, because some men may need support to become more involved in their own health. Perhaps this strikes a nerve with you. Have you ever tried to help a “stubborn” man in your life to make positive changes, only to end up frustrated by his opposition to your efforts? Not to worry, Dude’s Foods is here to help!

Of course, some of my wonderful readers are male as well. Men, do you feel left out of the holistic health revolution because it seems to be overwhelmingly feminine and focused primarily on women’s health? Have you been frustrated by a lack of holistic health care options geared towards your needs? I know I have, which is why I started Dude’s Foods in order to create a resource for men that is relevant, appealing and accessible to men.

Introducing the Dude’s Foods Series

Dude’s Foods is a monthly series which will focus on issues relating to men’s health and nutrition, rooted in a compassionate curiosity about why some men tend to avoid self-care. In the holistic health field, we always stress the importance of identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues instead of simply suppressing symptoms. Applying that same philosophy to men’s health begs the question: Why do many men stubbornly avoid taking care of themselves? What can be done to address this?

From this vantage point of compassionate curiosity, I’ll also discuss nutrition for health issues that affect men in particular such as prostate disease, cardiovascular (heart) disease and suicide. In fact, men make up 75-80% of suicides but receive treatment for depression half as often as women do! Next month I’ll be writing about nutrition to address depression. Learn what to eat and what to avoid in order to support a healthy mood!

Check back for the latest installment of Dude’s Foods to be a part of bringing the transformational power of holistic nutrition to more men and boys.

Aaron Mello is a Master Nutrition Therapist and founder of MoodFood Clinic. He can be contacted at 720-683-8715 or aa***@mo************.com, or view his website at www.moodfoodclinic.com.

[i] http://www.infoplease.com/us/census/data/colorado/demographic.html

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