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Meet Our Graduates

Aimée Darling


Aimée Darling received her B.S. in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before continuing her education at NTI. Her interest in nutrition came as a direct result of the eczema and severe intestinal distress her children suffered. After several failed attempts at traditional medical care, she finally found relief and healing for her children through diet. Her personal experience allows Aimée to compassionately guide patients toward greater health. Aimée’s practice focuses on allergen free diets, irritable bowel syndrome and diseases, sports nutrition, weight loss, family nutrition and disease prevention. She is passionate about educating, motivating and empowering her clients to take personal responsibility to attain optimal health. Aimée lives with her husband and two children in Roseburg, OR. She continues to facilitate workshops in Nevada, California and Colorado. Contact Aimée at

Ann Pierce


Ann Pierce started Pierce Whole Nutrition, LLC, in 2010 and has worked with a variety of clients in areas such as weight loss, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum health, hormonal imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, food intolerances, digestive distress and family nutrition. She also has experience teaching nutrition as part of an 18-month research study at the University of Denver. Her approach is practical and effective. Ann strives to combine her nutrition experience and knowledge with her clients’ personal goals to help them achieve success. Prior to becoming a Master Nutrition Therapist, Ann obtained an MBA from the University of Denver and worked in finance. Ann’s office is located in central Denver and she is available to meet with clients in person, over the phone, or via e-mail. She can be contacted at or at (303) 875-9983 to set up an appointment. Visit her website at

Anneliese Pyatt


Hi there. I'm Anneliese, certified Master Nutrition Therapist, digestive wellness guru, mindfulness connoisseur, and lover of all things innately feminine. Through specified one-on-one nutrition consulting and monthly women's circles, I empower my female clients with a plan to restore their digestive health while supporting them with sacred time for slowing down and connecting with community.

I have a wealth of personal experience tied up in the daily reality that is chronic GI distress. Recently relocated to Seattle, WA I spend my spare time teaching and practicing yoga, cooking, reading and traveling. I believe in the innate wisdom and healing capacity of the human body, and seek to create lifelong health for women through intentional diet, exercise, and lifestyle. 

Beth Winter

MNT, owner of Vital Nutrition for Health, Salt Lake City, Utah

Beth is a Master Nutrition Therapist and the proud founder of Vital Nutrition for Health, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied holistic nutrition at the Nutrition Therapy Institute and graduated in the fall of 2015. Her practice offers various health protocols such as digestive tract healing, adrenal fatigue solutions, home and body detox regimens, and whole-food-based nutrition education. However, Beth’s true passion and expertise are rooted in the ketogenic diet and the treatment of cancer. As a cancer survivor herself, Beth learned firsthand the healing power of ketosis and witnessed its potent ability to help win the fight against cancer. Equipped with both personal experience and professional knowledge, Beth helps her client’s transition from disease to a state of balance and sustainable health.

Brittney Morris


As a CNTP and Natural Foods Chef, I provide personalized menus for my clients, thoughtfully designed to promote optimal health and wellness. My cooking style is whole-foods focused, based on bold flavors, a variety of fresh vegetables, healthy fats, and clean protein. Meals are made from scratch and inherently low-carbohydrate, low-sugar. I aim to use seasonal, local, and organic ingredients when available and affordable, referencing guidelines from the Environmental Working Group’s Clean15 | Dirty Dozen. I am very flexible and eager to get to know your palate.  

Catherine Layden


Catherine Layden is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP) and Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) therapist. She is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition ® by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University. Catherine uses science-based nutrition therapy to help her clients achieve digestive wellness. Benefits include improved energy, digestion, mood, brain power and hormone balance. She specializes in healing GI distress, food sensitivities and immune imbalance and in lessening stress and anxiety. Catherine is currently continuing her studies in functional psychoneuroimmunology and enjoys giving talks and group presentations. To learn more and to schedule a complimentary initial consult visit

Chelsea Weisel


Chelsea Weisel graduated from the Master Nutrition Therapy program in the spring of 2014. Following graduation, Chelsea started a private practice in Denver working with young adults struggling with digestive health. Although she enjoyed working with clients one-on-one, Chelsea loved to teach group classes, and wanted to find ways in which she could share her knowledge with the public in a creative manner. Chelsea found rewarding work at Metro Caring Hunger Relief Center in Denver, CO, where she teaches weekly cooking classes and “Food for Thought” nutrition classes. The handouts and presentations that she initially developed during her internship at Metro Caring are now used for the curriculum of nutrition education at the center. Chelsea expanded her own business in April 2016 by developing a new line of greeting cards with her original paintings of fruits and vegetables on the front, and corresponding holistic recipes on the back of each card. Chelsea hopes that the greeting cards will encourage people to cook real food, and enjoy the beauty and perfection of local produce and the nutrients that they provide. You can find more information about Chelsea and the greeting cards at

Christine Pierangeli


Christine completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program in November 2015. She sees clients through her private practice, Profound Wellness of Vail, LLC in Edwards, Colorado. Christine is also the nutritionist at the Athletic Club of the Westin in Avon, Colorado where she focuses on foundational nutrition and nutrition for athletes. Christine uses her BS in education from the University of WI-Madison to do community outreach in local schools and libraries in order to education children on the benefits of a healthy nutrition and lifestyle approach. She feels that if we can educate future generations, we can make great change and reverse the epidemics caused by poor nutrition choices. Christine passionately pursues an active outdoor lifestyle. She enjoys camping, trail running, road biking, hiking and skiing. Her small mountain town is the perfect fit for her adventures with her husband and two daughters. To learn more visit or reach her at (970) 471-0791.

Coleen Walsh

MNT, owner at Harvesting Nutrition, Denver, CO

Coleen Walsh is a Functional Nutritionist, Master Nutrition Therapist and the owner of Harvesting Nutrition, LLC. She specializes in MTHFR & Methylation education and one on one client consultations incorporating genetics with nutrition and lifestyle practices. Dubbed the “The Methyl Queen” by colleagues and the winner of the 2014 NANP Impact Award (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) based on her research & training programs on MTHFR and Methylation. She teaches and consults with MDs, NDs, L.Acs, DOs, PAs, NPs, Nutritionists and the general public throughout the world on this subject. You can find her as a guest speaker on online summits, conventions, seminars and webinars along with live workshops and classes. Coleen is author of the forthcoming book, “Thriving with MTHFR: A guide for the everyday mutant” and offers online trainings for both the Practitioner and the general public on the basics of MTHFR and Methylation. Coleen suffered from a brain injury, plus several degenerative and autoimmune diseases and helped heal herself after finding out about her MTHFR status and holistic nutrition. Her passion is to educate and support others along their journey towards health with empathy and understanding. To learn more visit

Cynthia Dalton

MNT, owner at Heal Your Child Naturally, Lone, Tree, CO

Cynthia has always been passionate about applying nutritional approaches for behavior and brain balancing. She initially applied these principals with her own adopted son who suffered from anxiety and mood disorders. She then worked in the school system with special needs children. It was only after taking classes at NTI that Cynthia learned about the correlation between digestive disorders and autism. It was at that point that she began studying the root causes of autism and started working with families for healing. After graduating from NTI in 2005, Cynthia Dalton opened her private practice specializing in autism. She is an expert in the Defeat Autism Now!® philosophy, which promotes biomedical interventions to reveal the underlying, causes of symptoms in order to recommend more targeted healing protocols. She also utilizes Targeted Amino Acid Therapy (TAAT) to determine brain chemistry imbalances. By using whole food nutrition along with specialty diets, supplements, gut function improvement and toxin reduction, some children experience significant gains and almost all children show some improvement. Cynthia also works with John L Kucera, MD, in Colorado Springs utilizing the Defeat Autism Now!™ Model. Cynthia is listed on the website as an autism nutritionist. She is located in Centennial, Colorado and can be contacted at 303-725-5274 or

Danielle Schreiber


Danielle Schreiber is a Master Nutrition Therapist, the owner of The New You Nutrition, LLC and a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). The New You Nutrition is a holistic nutrition therapy practice focused on helping individuals achieve freedom from health challenges through dietary changes and lifestyle modifications. Danielle specializes in ulcerative colitis and digestive issues. Her passion for nutrition therapy started when she experienced firsthand with the power of nutritious food. For many years, she struggled with ulcerative colitis but was able to reverse the course of this disease through food therapy. Danielle works one on one with clients to address their own unique situation and help them achieve freedom from digestive health issues. She also enjoys cooking with clients so they can easily incorporate a nutritious eating plan into their daily lives. If you are ready to empower your own health and experience a new and better you, contact Danielle via her website at or give her a call at 720-254-9130.

Debbie Allen


Debbie is a Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified Natural Health Practitioner at Denver Nutrition, LLC. Debbie specializes in utilizing food therapy, lifestyle coaching, therapeutic grade essential oils and whole food supplements. She has over 15 years of experience in nutrition, therapeutic grade essential oils and supplements while also consulting/ coaching on the internet. She customizes programs for people with health issues due to yeast, fungus and mold issues in their homes and bodies. Yeast, fungus and mold can be a very hidden and unknown health issue. It’s not just candida and nail fungus. Debbie even reversed her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 90 days, over 5 years ago, by changing her yeast-laden diet to more whole foods. Debbie meets with clients and individualizes nutrition therapy plans that include “baby step” changes in diet, lifestyle, and mindset while offering a broad spectrum of services including healthy recipes, email support, health food tours and kitchen “pantry raids.” Contact Debbie at Denver Nutrition, LLC

Denise DeRosier

BS, MNT, CHC, owner at Denise, Denver, CO

Denise is a leading functional nutritionist in the Denver metro area where she specializes in working with cancer patients across the country to help optimize their health before, during, and after treatment, and she does this through food and nutrition. Cancer is much more than a simple tumor. Cancer is a process; it is the most glaring symptom that something in the body is out of balance, which is why Denise finds it absolutely vital to determine and resolve these imbalances. Whether it’s digestive problems, blood sugar dysregulation, inflammation, toxic build up, or autoimmunity issues, she addresses these physiological processes so her clients can get back to living their life fully. Denise utilizes tools and techniques such as functional blood chemistry, stool analysis, and food sensitivity testing to help assess nutritional health and whole body balance. The digestive system truly is your gateway to health. Denise is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT) and a proud member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). She is also a certified Holistic Health Coach (CHC) and has attended numerous seminars on functional nutrition and blood chemistry. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado and is the owner and founder of Nutriment de Vie where she strives to achieve optimal health for all because true wellness is far more than the absence of disease. To learn more and to work with Denise, visit or call 720.583.4935 today. Make sure you have a functional nutritionist on your team who you can trust, and remember, all health begins and ends with the foods you eat.

Diana Walley


Diana Walley is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP), and a Lifestyle Eating and Performance Therapist (LEAP). Diana is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition ® by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and holds a bachelors degree from the University of New Hampshire. Diana is on a mission to help women get to the heart of their health frustrations. She practices personalized Nutrition Therapy to address hormone imbalance, digestive distress, weight gain, and fatigue so that women can feel amazing! In addition to her private practice, Diana is the co-founder of, with fellow NTI graduate Kristen Burkett. At RESTORE Diana co-creates empowering online education courses for wellness professionals to bridge the gap between nutrition school and real world client success, and for health-conscious individuals to use nutrition and lifestyle to rebalance the body. Diana is a life-long learner who is committed to staying on top of the latest scientific research. In her personal life, Diana is a wife and mother to two vegetable-loving teenage daughters. She enjoys hiking, gardening, lifting weights, cooking, traveling, and eating gigantic salads. You can find Diana at

Duane Clark

CNTP, Owner at To My Friends Health, Castle Rock, CO

Duane is a graduate of the Indiana University Kelly School of Business with a B.S. in marketing. Duane enrolled at NTI and received his diploma as a Certified Nutrition Therapist in 2011 with a passion to educate and inspire people to achieve whole positive health. He has been invited back to NTI to present in their supplements class, a particular passion of his due to his understanding of nutrients in helping support the body. His areas of concentration are in supporting nutrition in clients with cancer, brain, autoimmune, and anti-aging nutrition. He recently launched his website to continue to educate people on the real truths about diet and nutrition.

Gray Jessiman

BA, MA, CNFC, MNT candidate

Gray Jessiman is committed to creating healthy meals that support each client’s needs. She started her own business, The Cutting Board, after graduating from the Nutrition Therapy Institute’s Natural Foods Chef Program in 2011. She tailors her meals, classes, and lectures to meet each person’s specific interests. Her meals address health conditions such as bone health, celiac and gluten intolerance, hormone issues, mood disorders, sugar imbalances, and heart health. Gray draws from her education background, including a B.A. in Communication and Masters of Elementary Education when teaching her clients about the nutritional benefits of eating a healthy, whole foods diet. Her 15 years experience working in the field of education gives her the expertise necessary to work with both children and adults. When she is not in the kitchen cooking, Gray enjoys taking a yoga class or spending time with her family. Feel free to call Gray today to organize a cooking demonstration class or to sign up for a cooked meal! Email or visit for more information.

Jen Marshall


As a certified nutrition therapist and founder of Be Balanced Healing, LLC, Jen’s specialty is helping clients regain balance. She practices functional nutrition with a specialty in digestion and conditions related to the digestive tract, such as immune health, seasonal and food allergies, autoimmune disorders, sugar cravings, mood, and skin conditions. In her synergistic wellness plans Jen includes education on how your body works and practical tools for healthy living. Jen’s background in marketing for the organic food industry helped shape a unique knowledge of today’s complex food politics and its impact on your health. She received the master certification in nutrition therapy from Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutritionâ. Jen’s post graduate studies have included intensive digestion and microbiome programs and a two year mentorship in Functional Medicine and Mindfulness. Be Balanced Healing is based in Boulder, Colo.

Contact Jen for a FREE 20-minute consultation at (303) 872-9695 or Visit for more information.

Jennifer DeSelliers


Jennifer’s interest in nutrition started at a young age when she first began exploring issues related to health and the environment. She became interested in recycling, vegetarianism and eating foods fresh from the farm. Jennifer later decided to pursue nutrition as a career and studied nutrition and communications in college. She decided to solidify her education by attending NTI. Since graduating in 2008, she has worked as a Vitamin Consultant and Nutrition Educator at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers.

Jessica Lee Reader


Jessica graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in 2010 as a Certified Master Nutrition Therapist. Since then she has continued her education and achieved certifications in Reading Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Medicine, Sport Nutrition, and Yoga Instruction. Jessica is on the NTI faculty as the Instructor for Nutrition Therapy in Practice and the Internship Program. Her private practice focuses on weight loss and food sensitivities. One-on-one nutrition sessions, group classes, guided seasonal cleanses, workshops, and employee wellness programs are available. Visit her website at to learn more.

Julie Jaramillo


Julie Jaramillo is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), Eating Psychology Coach (EPC) and holds her Bachelors and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Colorado State University. She is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and retains published works via the for Broomfield County, Colorado. She actively participates in quality, science-based continuing education throughout the year keeping her up-to date on the latest therapies, methodologies and aligning herself with quality therapeutic references. Julie successfully manages menopausal symptoms and keeps Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Osteoarthritis in remission utilizing what she’s learned about nutrition therapy and lifestyle. She founded Health Strong, a functional nutrition and science-based practice providing education, nutrition and lifestyle therapies customized for each client. She actively brings her personal and professional corporate experience to the table enabling her to compassionately yet successfully support individuals, the community and corporations to health. Julie specializes in marrying the client’s story with science focusing on education, culture and scientific analysis (functional labs, ordering labs, nutrition and lifestyle analysis) in order to get to the root of chronic disease processes and symptoms focused on quality prevention. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, go to

Kate Pfeiffer


Kate has tremendous passion for healthy living because of her own personal journey. She not only consults people privately and in group settings, she also blogs, writes health articles and appears on Television as a Nutrition Expert in order to spread her message to wider audiences. Kate’s Private Practice is located in Broomfield, Colorado where she is the referred nutritionist for several health practitioners. She specializes in fatigue, depression, digestive complaints, and disease prevention. She also owns an innovative, cutting edge Corporate Wellness and Nutrition Education Company, called Nutrition Inc., with 2 other NTI graduates. Visit Kate’s corporate web site at

Katherine Keck


Katherine is a Nutrition Therapy Institute Certified Personal Chef and Cooking Tutor specializing in plant based diets with a focus on health conditions. She can accommodate dietary issues including but not limited to gluten and dairy intolerance and other food allergies. She owns The Looney Veggie Cooking Company, LLC and specializes in vegan natural foods. You can find her information at

Kirsten Miller


Kirsten is a Master Nutrition Therapist, Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and Certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist. She specializes in managing blood sugar, optimizing hormone levels, supporting autoimmune conditions and reducing inflammation. As an Ironman triathlete, she helps endurance athletes improve performance with nutrition and has created Fat Adapted Fueling, a program that helps clients improve their ability to burn stored fat. This program can be used by athletes to improve performance, minimize GI distress, reduce injury and recover more quickly. The program can also be used by non-athletes to enhance body composition, manage blood sugar and improve overall health. Prior to following her lifelong dream of studying nutrition, Kirsten earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and was a Benefits Consultant. This experience helps her to work with corporate clients on improving employee health and wellness. To learn more about Kirsten’s practice, Nourish2Flourish, Inc., please visit her website:

Kristen Burkett

MNT and founder of Nourishing Transformations LLC

Kristen is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition ® by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), holds Bachelor degrees in Biology and Chemistry from New Mexico State University and a Master of Science from Texas Woman’s University. Kristen is the founder of Nourishing Transformations LLC, practicing in Highlands Ranch, CO and with distance clients.  Kristen is passionate about empowering women to break out of traditional healthcare boundaries, take charge of their health, and live their most vibrant life!  She specializes in natural female hormone balancing, and digestive health.  Kristen combines the latest research and analytical tools to create personalized plans to help her clients achieve their goals in a practical, meaningful way.  As a former healthcare executive in quality improvement she has a unique perspective into functional applications of true root cause analysis. Kristen was honored to present at the 2017 national conference for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals on Innovations in Functional Female Hormone Balancing with her fellow NTI graduate Diana Walley.  Together, Kristen and Diana are also co-founders of At RESTORE, Kristen co-creates empowering online education courses for wellness professionals to bridge the gap between nutrition school and real world client success, as well as programs for health-conscious individuals to use nutrition and lifestyle to rebalance the body. Alongside her growing professional endeavors, Kristen enjoys time with her husband, son and daughter skiing, biking and hiking in the mountains and experimenting with new recipes.  You can find Kristen at

Kylah Dobson


Kylah is a mother of two beautiful little girls, she lives on an off-grid organic farm in Ontario, Canada. She is a food photographer and recipe developer. She teaches yoga, cooking classes and wellness workshops in the commercial kitchen of her home. Kylah has a degree in Environmental Geography and is very passionate about helping others discover and access the deliciously healing power of whole foods. You can view her website at to learn more about her services.

Laurie Sher

NFC, owner at Eat, Nourish, Thrive, Denver, CO

Laurie enrolled in the NTI Chefs program in August 2013. She had a successful tutoring business and was a k-8 teacher for 20 years. She found out she had stage 0 breast cancer in April 2013, and after having a lumpectomy, she decided to close her tutoring business and get certified as a natural foods chef, as she had always had a passion for healthy eating and nutrition. She especially wanted to have a positive impact on what children put into their bodies. You can visit Laurie’s website at or reach her at 303 886-4697.

Maria Rose Capecelatro

BS, MNT, Healthy Nest Nutrition, Unwrapp’d

Maria became a Master Nutrition Therapist in 2018 and joined fellow MNT Robin Hutchinson at Healthy Nest Nutrition.  With a background in psychology research and therapy (sensory-motor and ABA) with children who have ASD, AD/HD, and bipolar disorder, Maria is passionate about how nutrition can positively impact mental health.  Her goal is to help those facing stress, mood disorders, and learning issues feel like themselves again.  Visit for all of the issues that Robin and Maria address.  Maria is also the Chief Nutritionist at Unwrapp’d, the innovative natural food start-up that makes the world’s first energy bar dough.  While she wears many hats at Unwrapp’d, she loves food education blogging and product development.  Visit or contact her for more information at   

Marianne McLaughlin


Marianne McLaughlin is a Master Nutrition Therapist. Believing in a holistic approach to nutrition, she utilizes food as therapy, lifestyle coaching and quality supplements to prevent degenerative diseases and enhance longevity. Her special areas of interest include brain health, body composition, food allergies, enzyme therapy and detoxification. While working as a nutritionist in Mexico, Marianne successfully helped people with gastrointestinal issues, depression, chronic fatigue, blood sugar imbalances, bone density, joint pain and weight management. Her current specialty is in designing programs for people based on their bio-individuality and personal goals. She works at Healthy Lives Clinic of Integrative Medicine.

Melany Palacios


Melany Palacios is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT), Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner (FDN-P), Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP) and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Utah State University.  Melany owns Live Well Love Food in Denver, Colorado and passionately believes people can achieve a rich, energetic and fulfilling life eating delicious food. “Live Well Love Food grew out of my desire to learn how food can unlock the key to high quality health and vitality.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!”

Melany strongly believes a healthy body needs a healthy foundation and bases her practice on the concept of bio-individuality, which focuses on each person’s specific nutritional needs because those needs are unique. In addition, Melany’s practice focuses on food intolerances, metabolic detoxification, sports nutrition, HPA Axis Dysfunction, and helping women balance their hormones through natural and safe modalities.  Melany’s love for cooking also enables her to create flavorful menu plans that are easy to follow and tailored to her clients’ busy life styles. 

With years of experience in corporate training and management, Melany brings exceptional organizational and planning skills to coaching clients to help them achieve success. In her free time, Melany passionately pursues mountain biking, yoga, yoga sculpt, running, barre, hiking, and snowshoeing.  Melany is a frequent blogger at  For more information visit the website or call Melany at 435.640.8719 for a free 1 hour consultation.      


Mirka Gores

MNT, PSIA Level I Certified

Mirka is a graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. She is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, a Master Nutrition Therapist and is a Health Coach and Nordic Instructor - PSIA Level I Certified. Her path to becoming a Nutrition Therapist was anything but easy or direct. She admits that she had to learn from her mistakes by “failing to realize how to get it right” many times as an endurance athlete. Those early experiences with falling short on nutrition, gave her the incentive to pursue a formal education in the field. Mirka’s thoughtful and understanding approach to guiding endurance athletes to achieve their goals begins with her own experiences. At different times in her life she has been an omnivore, a vegetarian and a vegan, so she understands the different nutritional challenges inherent in those lifestyles. As an endurance athlete herself, she also understands how important correct nutrition is in achieving superior performance and balance in everyday life. She believes that optimal nutrition requires a consistent focus on consuming the correct nutrients and fluids every day. That includes eating fresh, organic whole foods and taking the time to rest and recover from workouts. You can contact Mirka at M 100 Active Nutrition, LLC. 720-365-6335.

Molly Bea Ferioli

MNT, owner of Molly Bea, Lenox, MA

Molly studied nutrition and psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After graduation, she moved to Denver, Colorado where she studied at NTI, completing the Master Nutrition Therapy program. It was at NTI where the connection between food and wellness really clicked. She gained an understanding of how food can “tip the scales” towards health or disease. Her approach to nutrition emphasizes the importance of individualism, taking into consideration that we are all unique beings and that we all require different foods for balance. Then, she married a French man, who gave her a deeper understanding of the art of eating well. She currently practices in Lenox, MA with The Nutrition Center, an organization whose goal is to inspire a healthy relationship with food through counseling, nutrition and culinary education. Molly is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She is founder of the food blog, which features healthy recipes that she can pass on to her clients and inspire others to live a whole foods lifestyle.

Nick Mavrick


Nick Mavrick is a 2015 graduate of the Certified Nutrition Therapist program at the Nutrition Therapy Institute and received his MNT (Master Nutrition Therapist) Certification in June of 2017, also from the Nutrition Therapy Institute. After over 20 years of working with food and with people in the restaurant industry, he made a decision to change fields and try to change people’s lives with the therapeutic use of food and nutrients.

Starting with an internship in January of 2016, Nick began working under Dr. Kat Peterson, ND at All Around Health. After having had an opportunity to observe his passion and sense of ease with patients, Dr. Kat offered Nick a position as a Nutritionist in June, 2016. Since then, he has been blessed with the opportunity and honored to help improve the health and the lives of dozens of patients through nutrition therapy.

Nick is also the father of 2 amazing daughters and a husband of 15 years. He is an avid long-time martial artist, currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a driven fitness enthusiast.

Nick believes that the human body is an incredible, adaptable, and dynamic piece of intelligent machinery. If you give it what it needs and get the heck out of the way, it has an amazing ability to heal itself and return to a state of homeostasis. Every time you eat is a chance to give your body micro-doses of the medicines that it really needs!

Nicole Rueth


Passionate for health, fitness and an active lifestyle, Nicole Rueth dived into food like she does everything else. Growing up, Nicole had no idea how to cook and supported her nutritional needs and sports endeavors with just the basics (simple meals like chicken and asparagus.) Now she loves to experiment in the kitchen and shares that love with her clients. Nicole set aside a successful corporate job to follow her passion. She works one-on-one teaching her clients to slow down, eat mindfully, and feed themselves and their busy families easily and healthfully. Her clients have fun making changes that allow them to control their cravings, have more energy during the day, sleep better at night, improve their immune health and feel healthier and stronger knowing they are in control. If you want to explore being your best through nutrition, schedule a strategy session with Nicole at 303-808-2300 or .

Pamela Crouch Ballard


Pamela graduated with the Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Master Nutrition Therapy Certificates in July of 2011. She started Ballard Nutrition in January of 2011 and has worked with a variety of clients. Her areas of interest include disease prevention, oncology nutrition support, brain health, ADHD, detoxification, cleansing, and family nutrition. Pamela takes a collaborative approach to nutrition, using food for optimum health. Integrative medicine has always been an interest of Pamela’s, but her passion for nutrition intensified when her mom and other people in her life were diagnosed with cancer. It was through these events that she learned the remarkable power of food and its ability to prevent and heal illness and disease. Pamela believes what you leave out of your diet is as important as what you include in it. Visit Pamela’s website at

Robin Hutchinson


Robin counsels and coaches her clients so they WILL achieve their individualized health goals. She works primarily with women and kids on a variety of issues including hormone fluctuation, weight loss, sugar imbalance, digestive problems, food sensitivities and intolerance. She loves working with kids of all ages, especially giving nutritional support for focus and attention and reading difficulty. Robin is effective because she is thorough, methodical, patient, and passionate about helping clients be successful. She teaches at several private schools in Denver on a variety of topics including Nutrition 101, Nutritional Support for ADHD, Picky Eaters, Nutritional Support for Perimenopause and Teenage Nutrition. Robin worked in business and was a stay-at-home mom prior to becoming a Master Nutrition Therapist. Robin’s office is located near Cherry Creek in Denver. She also consults with clients via phone and email and offers a free 15-minute phone consultation with all new patients. Visit her website at or contact her by email at or phone 303/579-4194.

Sara Kosick


Sara became sincerely passionate about nutrition and health when she was in high school. She understood, even then, the importance of a healthy whole foods diet on health and overall wellness. Being an athlete also lead her to her passion for proper food intake, especially with all the conflicting information available on sports nutrition. She decided to pursue her passion for nutrition as a career in order to educate others on the amazing and powerful effect diet can have on overall health. Sara believes 100% in the power of experience; finding that the areas she specialize in are areas in which she has had the most personal experience. Digestive disorders, blood sugar and adrenal disorders, detoxification programs, endurance sports nutrition, as well as prenatal health are very consistent areas of interest for Sara. She works in a gym setting where many of her clients have weight loss goals. It is her goal to have clients focus on the internal health of their body, and let weight loss be the welcomed side effect! Sara also studies and practices blood chemistry and diagnostic testing.

Shannon Boucher


Shannon Boucher completed the Master Nutrition Therapy program in June 2014. Shortly thereafter, she started up her private practice Heirloom Nutrition, LLC in Denver, CO. Like the name implies, Shannon looks at food in a more traditional sense. What we eat, how we prepare it, and the environment in which we eat are all examples of how we can get back to an ‘old world’ approach to our nourishment. Shannon will work with clients concerning any and all health goals; adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, blood sugar imbalances, mood disorders, and hormonal imbalances are a few examples where nutrition therapy can make a positive impact. Shannon is especially passionate about fertility and pre-conception planning as well as nourishment for mom during pregnancy and early childhood development. Autism and diabetes is on a steady rise with the young population, catching it early in the womb is KEY. Shannon looks forward to working with clients who are eager to learn how food and lifestyle changes can dramatically change their life for the better! Shannon can be reached at 720.382.4574,, or to schedule an appointment! She is able to work long distance too via Skype.

Shari Engkvist

BS, HHP, CNTP, owner at Shari Engkvist, Denver, CO

Shari has dedicated her career to promoting health and wellness. She received her degree as a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner from NTI in 2010. In addition, she is a graduate of the School of Healing Arts in San Diego, CA as a Holistic Health Practitioner and has a B.S. in Corporate Health & Fitness. Her personal challenges with autoimmune disease and multiple food sensitivities led her to pursue a career in Nutrition Therapy. As a “food & soul” coach, Shari believes that balancing physical, mental and emotional health is an important key to your success and infuses these concepts throughout her programs. She specializes in digestive health, hormonal imbalances and autoimmune conditions. She takes a very personalized and practical approach for individuals in order to uncover the root cause of their health challenges. Shari worked as the nutritionist for the Centers for Complementary Medicine (CCM) at Kaiser Permanente in the integrative medicine practice. She currently has a private practice in Denver where she works one-on-one with individuals and families, as well as offers group and corporate programs and workshops. Shari is known for hosting educational and interactive “Healthy Happy Hour” events where she combines her passion for entertaining and healthy living. To learn more about Shari’s philosophy, practice and continued education, please visit her website at, or contact here at or 303-907-5840.

Susan Barendregt


Susan, a 2006 grad, is a Master Nutrition Therapist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and a Certified Herbal Therapist. With a BS in Statistics, Susan approaches her passion of nutrition therapy analytically, working with each individual client as a puzzle to be solved. Her goal is to NOT work long-term with any one of her clients, but to get to the root of their health issues and provide them with the knowledge and tools to move forward in health on their own. Susan utilizes laboratory and functional testing, targeted nutritional supplements and one on one as well as group counseling to guide her clients on the shortest path to optimal health. Areas of special expertise include chronic conditions such as IBS, fibromyalgia and autism as well as brain health and detoxification. She is the creator of Balanced and Clear, an online guided elimination diet and detoxification program. Susan works with clients virtually via Skype and email. More info at her website.

Tania Sisal


Tania is a Master Nutrition Therapist practicing in Lafayette, CO. Holistic Health and Healing opened in 2014. 

Tania Sisel is a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner specializing in women with serious health issues and challenges.  I enjoy working with individuals and families to help them achieve their best health. My goal is to get to the root of the problem to see how various health issues are connected.  My practice focuses on helping people heal and educating them as well as empowering them to take charge of their own health.  My job is to guide you through your own health journey and to support you and give you the information you need to succeed.  This includes work towards healing your health conditions and optimizing your health so you feel your absolute best.  The belief that we are all biochemically unique is at the center of Tania’s practice.  The treatment plan we come up with together is specific to you and to your body’s needs. Tania believes that food is, in fact, medicine and it should be enjoyed to the fullest!  You can contact Tania at and find out more at  Tania offers a complimentary 20 minute appt to see if working together is a good fit.

Timothy Monroe


Tim is a NTI Natural Foods Chef graduate from 2009. As a Garden State native, he carried his enriched knowledge back home and immediately became a restaurant cook and Nutritional Consultant. The knowledge Tim gained from the Nutrional Therapy Institute has been an advantageous springboard for his successful culinary career. Tim is quoted to say that “surrounding yourself in the environment provided by NTI is absolutely positively life-changing.” Working at prestigious restaurants like Amanda’s of Hoboken and Thirty Acres in Jersey City, he learned the priceless skills of technique and efficiency. Tim now works at an elite nutritional catering company, FoodMattersNYC, and offers private chef and nutritional consulting service. He will be opening a healthsound foods storefront in 2017.

Tom Fabian

Phd, CNTP, Owner at Microbiome Mastery, Denver, CO

Tom’s primary focus is on providing educational programs and resources on advanced topics for functional nutritionists and other functional health practitioners, although he does have a small nutrition consulting practice on the side that is focused on healthy aging. His background was in biomedical research, studying the genetics and gene expression changes involved in the aging process. When Tom decided that he wanted to change directions and pursue a career in natural health, he realized that nutrition was key to any career direction in this field. But his education up to that point did not include in-depth nutrition training, so he decided to pursue a certification as a Nutrition Therapist through NTI, as well as via a number of post-certification continuing education programs in functional medicine. It has been very rewarding for Tom to be able combine a background in science with a more recent education in functional nutrition to help meet the needs of practitioners & clients within his areas of expertise (the microbiome, the gut-brain-immune axis, metabolic regulation, and healthy aging). Tom’s current educational programs are available at

Vanessa Vitali


Vanessa enrolled at NTI and received her certification as a Certified Nutrition Therapist in 2016 with a passion to educate and inspire people to achieve whole health and regain balance. She is also certified in Personal Fitness Training through the International Sports and Sciences Association as well has received her Yoga Teacher Certification in Bali, Indonesia under Master Everett Newell of Zuna Yoga. Her areas of concentration are in supporting nutrition in clients with overall heath and wellbeing as well as spiritual balance in yoga and fitness. She recently launched her website to continue to educate people on the truths about lifestyle, diet and nutrition for health.

Victoria Abel


Victoria is a graduate of Prescott College with a BA in Counseling Psychology and earned a MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. For over 10 years, she practiced in the mental health field, specifically addictions, with a great deal of satisfaction. Towards the end of that time, she began to see a hole in the work that they were doing. Traditional methods of psychology ignored the body. Addicts were expected to stay sober while ignoring or managing the overwhelming cravings that came with the disease. Coinciding with that realization, her daughter was critically ill with asthma. Not satisfied with the doctor’s answers, she researched alternative treatments. Finding an incredible naturopath, her new path became clear. He changed her daughter’s diet to gluten and dairy free. She has had seven years of vibrant health since then. Victoria found NTI and began studying what is now her life’s passion. In the time that she attended NTI, she altered her position in the mental health world. She works now as a professor of psychology as well as a nutrition therapist at two dual diagnosis treatment centers. The field of addiction and recovery is awakening to the need for nutritional healing and health. It is an exciting time to be a nutritionist. Victoria is grateful for NTI for helping her find her career as an Addiction Nutritionist.

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