Holistic Marketing for Nutrition Professionals

Holistic Marketing for Nutrition Professionals

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Learn how to build your business using a functional approach to marketing

Presented by Rachel Leigh

Join us for a 3-week marketing seminar to learn how to build your business using a functional approach to marketing!

Holistic Marketing

Marketing is not something you “do”, it’s something you “are”. It’s personal to you and your business, yet you’ve most likely been taught the allopathic way of marketing. How to follow a formula based on what the experts have told you will be the secret sauce to building your business and gaining clients.

I’m here to show you another approach. A personalized, holistic approach. One that comes from a deep understanding of you, your values, your beliefs in yourself, and what you will provide your future clients. All marketing comes from your head and your heart; from there, it’s tactical.

In this mastermind, you’ll get both. Learning the skillset of managing your mind, how to strengthen your confidence as Nutripreneur, THEN, the tactical tools on how to implement your personalized marketing strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here!

Day 1:

Developing your self-concept around marketing.

  • Learn where all success comes from.
  • Understand your current results and what created them.
  • Develop the skillset needed to generate desired action for success.
  • Strengthen your self-concept as a nutrition professional and entrepreneur.
  • Use your new self-concept to design your business’s vision & mission.
  • Q&A

Day 2:

Creating Your Personalized Brand Identity.

  • Defining your niche.
  • Design your ideal client avatar.
  • Create your business brand.
  • Q&A

Day 3:

When, Where, and How to Market.

  • Knowing when to move from organic to paid marketing.
  • Where to market based on your defined niche, avatar, and brand.
  • How to market from heart, authenticity, servitude, confidence, and your self-concept.
  • Q&A

Holistic Marketing Event Details

Open to: NTI Students, NTI Grads, other nutrition and holistic wellness professionals

Cost: $40

50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Tennyson Children’s Center

Questions about the event? Please email NTI (of****@nt*******.com)

Location: virtual on Zoom (recording provided to the participants who attend live)

Supplemental Materials: Support materials, Worksheets, Marketing Manual

About: Rachel Leigh is the founder of Whole Woman Health, a functional health & nutrition practice providing whole woman health through nutrition therapy, functional health, coaching psychology, and laboratory testing.

Combining her entrepreneur experience with sales and business coaching, she created 6-Figure Nutritionist, because she saw too many talented nutritionists struggle with building a business that is profitable and enjoyable!

She experienced firsthand the challenges of graduating from nutrition school, then feeling completely lost on where to go next. For years she hustled to make enough money to financially support her family until she made significant investments in learning the art of building and scaling a business.

Now, with over a decade of experience running a successful, multiple 6-figure practice, she has learned the key to thriving in the holistic health industry.  She’s made it her mission to help other nutritionists end the financial struggle of entrepreneurship and create a business they love.

She continues to work closely with clients at Whole Woman Health while mentoring her team and coaching future 6-figure nutrition therapists through her industry-leading mastermind.

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Image Credit: Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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