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It’s Never Too Late…

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We are very proud of Michelle Frett and her recent accomplishment of becoming a Natural Food Chef. Her story is a real testament to the idea that it is never too late to choose a different direction…

I became a Natural Food Chef because:

I wanted to start a new career that I would enjoy. I realized that the two things (besides my kids) that I am most excited about are cooking and nutrition/natural health. It just made sense to put the two together and make that a career.

In what areas of nutrition do you specialize (if any)?

I would say that my specialties are working with food allergies and helping busy families.

A helpful tip about food allergies:

In regard to food allergies, I would suggest that people avoid finding the gluten/dairy/nut/etc free version of the things they are already eating. They hardly ever meet expectations and aren’t necessarily healthy. For busy families, I suggest meal planning and prep on a weekly basis. This helps to avoid the last-minute run for fast food when you don’t know what to cook.

How will your life change, if at all, with your new knowledge?

My life is changed completely. I spent 16 years in IT, in jobs I didn’t care about or even like. I am greatly looking forward to doing something that matters to me and will potentially make a difference in other people’s lives.

Can you share an “ah-ha” that you’ve had since becoming a NFC?

I have cooked since I was a young girl living at home with my parents. I have always been told that I am a good cook. I wasn’t even sure that the program was going to do much for me in that area. However, I find that I have greater confidence to “play” in the kitchen and just enjoy the process. The bonus is that I now know how to support various conditions or illnesses with my cooking.

Please share your favorite recipe:

I really don’t have a favorite recipe. I recently tried a paleo chicken and biscuit recipe that we all loved (I made a couple of changes of my own…I chopped a couple garlic cloves and put them and probably a teaspoon of thyme into the sautéing vegetables when they were nearly done cooking. I did not add garlic powder). See below for a picture of the recipe book and the finished product!

Anything else that you want to share with our readers:

I know that we have all heard some variation of this many times over, but it bears repeating, especially when I always thought it didn’t apply to me before. It is never too late to choose a new direction. I didn’t think it applied to me because I had to take care of my kids, and I was getting “too old” to start anew, and, and, and… I’m glad I finally did it.

Hear from another NFC graduate, Megan:

Want to learn how to create and prepare recipes like this through a healthy cooking program?

Join our Natural Food Chef Program! Picture yourself in your kitchen surrounded by nothing but organic vegetables, whole grains, top-quality meats, eggs and a range of the more unusual things like pâté, kimchi, kefir and bone broth. If you resonate with the idea of creating delicious meals that are not only healthy but downright regenerative, then join us for our 15-week Natural Chef program! Reach out to our Admissions team with any questions about NTI or the Natural Food Chef courses:

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