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NTI Faculty

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Dianne Koehler, MNT, Director

Currently owner and Director of Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) in Arvada, CO, Dianne has been a leader in the field of nutrition education for 15 years. She is committed to helping people realize their optimal wellness potential through recognizing the…
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Kristen Burkett, MS, MNT

Kristen is a Master Nutrition Therapist and founder of Nourishing Transformations LLC, practicing in Highlands Ranch, CO and across the country with distance clients. Kristen is passionate about empowering women to break out of traditional healthcare boundaries, take charge of…
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Greg Durocher

Greg is Co-founder and CEO at SafeRide4Kids.com, a successful e-commerce business.  In 2014 Greg was looking for ways to expand Safe Ride 4 Kids and knew that he needed a formal business plan to present when seeking funding, whether that be a loan…
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Jacqui Gabel, NFC, NTM

Jacqui’s enthusiasm for travel, wellbeing, and human connection have led her to kitchens throughout the U.S., South America, and Asia. She’s gathered experiences and knowledge by spending time with home cooks, farmers, and professional chefs in these places. In 2016, she graduated from…
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Kelly Hatke, MNT

Kelly Hatke is a Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT) practicing in Boulder, CO (and virtually).  She applies a functional and holistic approach specializing in nutrition for hormone balance, autoimmune nutrition, blood sugar imbalances, and weight management.  Kelly received a B.S. from Purdue…
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Lauren Friarson, M.A., MNT

Certified Master Nutrition Therapist and Fitness Professional, Lauren Simms has been practicing nutrition, coaching one-on-one, and educating others for nearly two decades. Lauren’s greatest passion is assisting people to eat and move well in order to embrace their fullest life…
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Tami Miller

Tami Miller is the owner of Sage Nutrition Coaching, Inc. in Wheat Ridge, CO. Her educational background is in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Mycology and Nutrition. Tami did research at the University of Colorado Medical Center for over 20 years. While…
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Dr. Meg Hammel, ND

Dr. Megan Hammel is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor based in Denver, Colorado where she specializes in Pediatric Health and Family Medicine. Graduating with Honors from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2017, Dr. Hammel has dedicated years of study…
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William Gonglach, MS, FNS

William is a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He holds a master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of St. Joseph, a bachelor’s degree in Human Health and Diet Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and has additional…
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Megan Grover, MMEdSci

Megan Grover has travelled and roamed much of the globe where she has explored the healing traditions. She is passionate about educating individuals regarding their health and looking at the body from a holistic approach, understanding that all aspects are integrated. If…
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Tracy Spalding, NFC

From the time she was a teenager, Tracy Spalding had a natural understanding and love for cooking, and she was inspired to prepare elaborate meals for her family and their friends. This culinary passion, in combination with extensive travels, exposed…
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Priscilla Condon, MSN, MNT

Priscilla has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The State University of New York and a Master of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University. She worked as a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner for 25 years in private practice…
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