NTI Graduate, Kaylee Pickett, NTM.

NTI Graduate Spotlight: Kaylee Pickett, NTM

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We’re excited to introduce Kaylee, a graduate of NTI and holistic nutrition professional, specializing in gut health and root-cause health restoration. In her practice, Kaylee addresses all dimensions of health—food, sleep, stress, digestion, and mindset—to help clients achieve balance and wellness. Driven by her personal experiences with Celiac Disease and Hashimoto’s, Kaylee is passionate about holistic health. Her training at the Nutrition Therapy Institute provided her with a strong foundation in holistic nutrition science, enabling her to offer effective and informed guidance. Join us as we explore Kaylee’s journey and insights into holistic nutrition.

Tell us about yourself and your business

In my practice, I provide holistic nutrition counseling that focuses on gut health and root-cause health restoration. I look closely at all dimensions of health, from food & nutrition to sleep, stress, digestion, and mindset. Working closely with my clients to discover imbalances in their bodies and lifestyles by looking at symptoms as messages being sent by the body.

1:1 counseling is provided in a comprehensive 3-month program that serves as a roadmap to wellness through education, a focus on whole foods, and balance in the mind, physical body, and environment. I include options for functional testing to identify sources of toxicity, the presence or overgrowth of gut bacteria, hormone levels, and food sensitivities. I believe that knowledge is power and I strive to deliver a program that explains the “how” and “why” behind food, exercise, habit, and supplement recommendations. My goal is to help my clients walk confidently into their future knowing how to make healthful choices in all aspects of their lives.


What led you to pursue a career in holistic nutrition?

I have always been interested in human health and physiology. Food and nutrition science slowly moved their way into my focus in the last 10 years as I began demanding more from my body physically through outdoor activities like ski touring and rock climbing. I found myself gravitating towards books on nutrition and functional medicine as tools for optimizing how I felt in my body and mind.

I have Celiac Disease and Hashimoto’s thyroid disease which has always required me to be conscious of food and raw ingredients. A passion for holistic health for myself, my family, and my community, along with a hunger to learn more about how my body functions and interacts with food and the environment has led me to pursue my career as a holistic nutrition counselor. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others and feel fortunate to work in a space focused on healing the body through natural methods.

How did going to school at Nutrition Therapy Institute set you up for success?

My coursework, reading, and research project at NTI provided both breadth and depth of holistic nutrition science. I gained a strong foundation for human physiology and biochemistry as they interact with nutrients. The program encourages deep study of both the external components of holistic nutrition, like macro and micronutrients, toxins, and pathogens, as well as the inner landscape of the body where stress, biochemical individuality, and mindset play strong roles in overall health. Exams and case studies offered many opportunities to understand the effects of nutrient deficiencies, disease pathology, and exposure to various environmental toxins on the human body. We received excellent support, feedback, and expertise from instructors during these exams, in class, and as needed throughout our courses.

What was the most valuable part of your training at NTI?

The coursework covers so many topics and body systems. Although each course has a different focus, the themes remained the same throughout. It’s exciting as a student to see a concept return from a previous course and empowering as a practitioner to know that the basics are always beneficial: whole foods, physical movement, balance in lifestyle, and positive mindset. I often refer to my course materials and books used and offered by NTI – both offer such in-depth content.

What is your favorite part about being a Nutrition Therapist Master?

Often my friends, family, and clients know they feel unwell but are unsure what “well” looks or feels like. There are often simple solutions we can use and implement to restore balance in their bodies and lives that have profound effects. When symptoms like bloating or fatigue resolve, it’s so exciting to see the energy and vivacity that appears. I love the “aha!” or “I feel like me again!” moments – I want everyone to feel this way!

What are your goals as a Nutrition Therapist Master?

As a Nutrition Therapist Master, I aim to educate my clients and to restore balance in their bodies. I love identifying what isn’t working, from lifestyle to food choices and everything in between, and helping my clients solve the puzzle of their own body and mind.

I believe that holistic health is a lifelong journey and while support will always be available, I hope to close the gap between what people know and don’t know about how their bodies work, what their bodies need, and how to design a life that offers support for all dimensions of their health. Knowledge is power and often the key is to return to the basics. It’s my goal to offer these solutions to my clients to improve their holistic health and wellness. The ripple effect of one person’s improved health into families and communities is powerful and I feel grateful for the opportunity to participate, guide, and offer support.

What nutritional strategy do you include in your daily routine and why?

I follow my cravings. My body is not a machine and my mind is not a computer; rather, they are dynamic, living systems that change from day to day. I trust in the intelligence of my body to guide my choices: if I’m craving salty food, or if I’m feeling the urge to run, or if the snooze button on my alarm is harder to resist one morning, I will follow each of these messages from my body and mind to offer them both what they are asking for. It has taken a lot of practice to learn how to interpret and listen to these messages, and part of the process is asking myself why I’m receiving them, but in general, I am open and receptive to following where they lead.

Are you inspired by Kaylee’s journey and want to create a rewarding career for yourself? 

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