NTI PodTalk with Graduate Brooke Isabelle

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In this episode of the NTI PodTalk, Dianne interviews Brooke Isabelle, NTI grad and Certified Mind Body Eating Coach.

About Brooke Isabelle

Brooke Isabelle is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach from Vermont. Her private practice, Awakening Nutrition, focuses on supporting people in healing their relationships to food, eating, and body image. Brooke is currently striving to get her degree in Dietetics at Goddard College. Awakening Nutrition offers 1:1 counseling, private events, public events, retreats, and more. A complimentary 20-minute call is offered to all clients before anything is booked.

In this episode Brooke and Dianne discuss:

  • 02:00 – Brooke talks about what made her decide to go to school for nutrition
  • 04:04 – Why Brooke chose Nutrition Therapy Institute 
  • 07:42 – Dianne and Brooke talk about how getting an education at NTI is a great foundation for doing advanced training after graduating
  • 09:48 – Brooke talks about her training as a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach 
  • 13:19 – Thoughts about the role social media plays in disordered eating and negative body image
  • 14:20 – Social media detoxing
  • 18:30 – Brooke talks about her practice and the types of clients she works with
  •  21:03 – How to get in touch with Brooke

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Do you want a rewarding career where you can help others achieve optimum health?

Then becoming a Nutrition Therapist Master is the right path for you!  You can make a real difference in people’s health and lives by offering quality nutrition advice.  The Nutrition Therapist Master Certification offers a well-researched, science-based curriculum where you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of how food, nutrients, and the environment interact with the human body thereby creating health or disease.  Upon graduation, you will be prepared to design customized nutritional protocols based on the needs and goals of your clients.

This discussion is not intended to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy, nor in any way imply that Nutrition Therapists who graduate from NTI are qualified to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy. The scope of practice for graduates of NTI is to deliver therapeutic nutrition guidance to our clients which helps support their natural biology to achieve optimal function in whatever wellness path they are on.

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