NTI PodTalk with Director, Dianne Koehler, MNT

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In this unique episode, we are flipping the script!  The NTI office staff is interviewing the School Owner and Director, Dianne Koehler.

About Dianne Kohler, NTI Director

Dianne graduated from Nutrition Therapy Institute in 2007. Since graduating she has become a teacher and active community speaker. She has continued her education through additional training in holistic health, high-level wellness, herbal therapeutics, functional blood chemistry analysis, and functional endocrinology.

She has been an instructor at NTI for more than 10 years and became Academic Dean in 2017. As the Owner/Director of NTI, her passion for learning about and teaching nutrition informs her desire to make NTI the choice for nutrition education.

She is profoundly grateful to have the opportunity to share NTI’s vision with our current and future students – Choosing to Create Optimal Health Through Nutrition Education – it’s not just a tagline, it’s truly what NTI’s students do, and Dianne is proud to be at the helm, driving expectations and making changes in the field of nutrition education.

MORE FROM DIANNE >> A Letter From Dianne Koehler: The Direction for NTI

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