NTI PodTalk | The Healing Power of Enzymes with Dr. Ellen Cutler

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You are what you digest and absorb! In this episode of the NTI PodTalk, Dianne talks to Dr. Ellen Cutler about achieving optimal digestion, gut health, and a healthy immune system by using enzyme supplements as well as ECM, the Ellen Cutler Method.

About Dr. Ellen Cutler

Dr. Ellen Cutler is a bestselling author and an internationally recognized teacher, public speaker, and media spokesperson. Her books include “MicroMiracles — Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes,” now available in a revised, expanded edition. She has a chiropractic degree and specializes in the use of desensitization to food and other sensitivities, gentle detoxification, and enzyme and nutritional therapies for chronic conditions that have perplexed the conventional medical establishment. This is all addressed in her revolutionary healing technique ECM (Ellen Cutler Method).

Dr. Ellen Cutler and Dianne discuss:

02:37 – Dr. Ellen’s health history and educational background
07:50 – The connection between gut health and chronic illness
10:30 – How the doctor assesses food sensitivities
15:12 – The foods that people don’t need to be eating
18:20 – What are enzymes and why are they important?
23:22 – Dr. Ellen’s thoughts on hydrochloric acid
25:17 – What is organ specific detoxification?
29:50 – What is energetic desensitization?
32:55 – Dr. Ellen talks about her book, “Micro Miracles — Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes”
40:15 – How you can find and contact Dr. Ellen Cutler

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