NTI PodTalk with Chef Instructor Jacqui Gabel, NFC, NTM

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Today, Dianne interviews Natural Food Chef and Nutrition Therapist Master, Jacqui Gabel. Jacqui is a graduate of both of NTI’s programs and is one of our chef instructors for the Natural Food Chef Program. Today, Dianne interviews her about her experience in our programs, how she is using her certifications, and what her favorite parts are about teaching aspiring Natural Food Chefs. 

Jacqui’s enthusiasm for travel, wellbeing and human connection has led her to kitchens throughout the U.S., South America, and Asia. She’s gathered experiences and knowledge by spending time with home cooks, farmers, and professional chefs in these places. In 2016, she graduated from NTI’s Natural Food Chef program and continued to study nutrition science, obtaining her NTMC in the summer of 2020. She believes that cooking is one of the most empowering skills we can all gain: she teaches culinary lessons to people looking to support their health and cooks for families throughout Denver and Boulder. Exposing children to whole foods at an early age is one of her greatest passions. You can find Jacqui’s offerings on her website realfooddesire.com and see all of her amazing creations on her Instagram @realfooddesire.

Are you ready to start your journey as a Nutrition Therapist Master or Natural Food Chef?

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