NTI PodTalk with Jennifer Peters, Owner of Just Be Kitchen

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In today’s episode of the NTI PodTalk, Dianne interviews Jennifer Peters, the owner of Just BE Kitchen. If you are not already familiar, Just BE Kitchen is a restaurant located in Denver that focuses on serving mindful mouthfuls to their community. Their menu is 100% free of gluten, grain, corn, soy, legume, and refined sugar and 99% dairy-free. Their goal is to nourish guests & show you don’t have to avoid traditional dishes you love & that eating healthy can make you feel full and satisfied instead of the feeling of lack and sacrifice. We are all big fans of Just BE Kitchen, and if you are from Denver, you may also be a big fan! ​​

How Just BE Kitchen Came to Be

Jennifer decided to open Just BE Kitchen because she was searching for a way to close the gap between who she was and what she did. In fact, she wanted to fulfill her life’s purpose and fully stand in her light so others could do the same. And for her, that meant focusing on the joy that food can bring – not just any food, but truly nourishing & satisfying food. And she wanted to do this by creating a space of BElonging & connection where everyone could feel cared for, nourished & experience joy around food that is void of allergens and inflammatory properties. Listen in to hear more about Jennifer’s journey, her advice for small business owners, and why she is so passionate about nutrition.

Be sure to check out Just BE Kitchen‘s menu and other offerings!

In this episode Dianne and Jen discuss:

  • 02:30 – What inspired Jennifer Peters to open the restaurant Just Be Kitchen (JBK) 
  • 5:27 – Anti-inflammatory diets
  • 6:30 – Jen’s educational background and JBK’s roots
  • 8:22 – The inspiration behind JBK’s menu
  • 9:10 International farmer’s market goods that wouldn’t appeal to the American palate
  • 16:28 – Flavor in simplistic but high-quality ingredients
  • 17:45 – What is behind the name “Just Be Kitchen”
  • 20:07 – The rewards and challenges of being a small business owner— and how to overcome those challenges
  • 24:31 – What JBK does to promote education
  • 26:30 – JBK speaker/presenter information
  • 26:55 – Jen’s holistic health care regimen 
  • 29:45 – Jen’s food and supplements
  • 31:07 – Stay up to date with JBK

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