NTI PodTalk with Kelly Miller, NTM – Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

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Listen in while we talk with NTI Graduate, Kelly Miller about her nutritional approach to helping people recover from addiction.

About Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller is a Certified Nutrition Therapist Master and Recovery Coach who specializes in nutrition for addiction recovery. She founded the Addiction Nutritionist in 2017, a virtual coaching and consulting practice, after years of struggling with an unhealthy relationship to food and other substances. Her program helps uncover the biochemical root causes of addiction and cravings. She created the PAWS Protocol, a nutritional intervention designed to alleviate the symptoms of Post Acute Withdrawal and address the unique needs of individuals in recovery. Her clients typically experience improved mood, a reduction in cravings and relapse, and overall better quality of life.

She also works with treatment facilities to train clinical staff, educate patients, facilitate nutrition therapy groups and create or improve nutrition programming. She is a regular speaker at alumni groups, community centers and sober living facilities across the U.S. Kelly lives in Parker, Colorado and is currently launching a podcast and Recovery U, a group coaching platform focused on building health, wellness and resilience in Recovery.

In this episode Kelly and Dianne discuss:

  • 01:45 – Kelly’s health journey
  • 03:17 – What brought Kelly to Nutrition Therapy Institute 
  • 05:15 – How Kelly utilizes certain skills she learned at NTI
  • 07:00 – Kelly starts her own practice focusing on nutrition for addiction recovery 
  • 09:10 – Common nutrient deficiencies in people dealing with addiction 
  • 10:05 – Tools that Kelly uses to address nutrient deficiencies 
  • 12:10 – Kelly explains her dietary intervention, the PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) protocol 
  • 15:55 – Kelly’s advice for nutrition therapist students
  • 18:20 – What being ‘healthy’ means to Kelly
  • 21:55 – How you can find and work with Kelly

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This discussion is not intended to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy, nor in any way imply that Nutrition Therapists who graduate from NTI are qualified to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy. The scope of practice for graduates of NTI is to deliver therapeutic nutrition guidance to our clients which helps support their natural biology to achieve optimal function in whatever wellness path they are on.

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