NTI PodTalk Summer Break Announcement

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The NTI PodTalk is on summer break. We will be back this fall with more interviews with new guests from in and around the NTI community!

In the meantime please check out older episodes you may have missed.  Also, be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel or to the audio version in the podcast app of your choice to you will get notified when new episodes are available. Thank you for listening and we will see you again soon!

NTI’s PodTalk is available on all major podcast platformsFind us by searching “NTI PodTalk” in your favorite podcast platform or by following any of the links below.

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 Episodes for summer listening:

Laura Waldo, NANP Legislative Affairs Specialist

Stefan Karg, Sprout City Farms Program Manager

Jamie McKeown from WishGarden Herbs

Can’t wait for another episode and want to start your journey in holistic health?

Learn how you can become a Nutrition Therapist Master or Natural Food Chef get in touch with our admissions team— 303-284-836, admissions@ntischool.com.  They would be happy to speak with you!

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