NTI PodTalk with Graduate Alison Barbaro

June 17, 2020

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Meet Alison Barbaro. She is a graduate of both our MNT and NFC program. Welcome to NTI PodTalk, our interview series where we talk to interesting people about why they love nutrition, how they use it in their lives and how being a part of NTI has impacted them.


Alison N. Barbaro, BCHN (Candidate)

AlisonBarbaro1@gmail.com  203-605-6692

 A holistic nutritionist and natural food chef, Alison embraces the world’s great culinary healing traditions with a passion for food quality advocacy as a cornerstone of her individualized client-focused nutrition approach.  Alison focuses on the restorative qualities of food, emphasizing a return to the true enjoyment of nutrient dense, local, “real” food based on informed nutritional food choices, healthy cooking practices, and a better understanding and a stronger connection with how food is sourced.

Alison is a BCHN candidate, having passed the National Association of Nutrition Practitioners holistic nutrition board exam in May 2020. She graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in 2019 receiving both her certifications as a Master Nutrition Therapist and Natural Food Chef. 

Prior to becoming a holistic nutritionist, Alison enjoyed a successful business career in healthcare, spanning hospital and managed care executive roles, and in real estate, as managing owner of brokerage and real estate investment businesses. Alison holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Louisiana Tech University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from University of New Haven, Ct. Alison values lifelong learning and is a passionate food activist and outdoor enthusiast. 

Alison currently practices as a holistic nutritionist, natural food chef and food activist. A passionate nutrition educator, Alison empowers people to take control of their own wellness journey through small group nutrition sessions and cooking workshops or by helping clients with individualized nutritional therapies.

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