NTI PodTalk with Graduate, Beth McCarthy, NFC

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In today’s episode, Dianne interviews NFC graduate, Yoga Therapist, and Wellness Coach,  Beth McCarthy. Beth graduated from the Natural Food Chef program in 2018, and since has opened a thriving business in Monument, CO. Beth came to visit the NFC Fall 2021 cohort to talk about her experience and give words of wisdom to our soon to be Natural Food Chefs. She was a popular addition to the curriculum and had such wonderful information to share. Today, she talks more about her experiences and what made her choose NTI as her school for natural chef training. 

About Beth McCarthy, NFC

Beth McCarthy is the owner of Joyful Wellness, a successful holistic health coaching company in Monument, Colorado. At Joyful Wellness/Beth offers a variety of wellness services to choose from including yoga therapy programs, personal chef services, intimate catering events, wellness coaching programs and women’s seasonal self-care retreats.

As a certified Yoga Therapist, Natural Chef, and Wellness Coach, she believes everyone can reach their highest potential for optimal well-being at every level – body, mind, lifestyle and spirit.

As a Natural Chef and graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute, she is delighted to share her love of nourishing food and living with her clients and community. She is especially passionate about “food as medicine” and how food can strengthen, protect, prevent disease, making everyone more happy and able to heal.

Her goal as a Natural Chef is to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals, couples, families, corporations and communities to:

  • Adopt a whole-foods based diet — think unrefined, fresh, in season, organic, unprocessed, humanely raised and non-genetically modified
  • Engage in cooking with renewed inspiration, creativity and commitment to health
  • Honor the kitchen as a sanctuary – a joyful gathering space to nourish yourself, family and friends in
  • Fall in love with food as medicine— one delicious and mindful bite at a time!

Whether her clients are struggling with a new or existing health condition requiring a change in diet and lifestyle, managing a hectic work schedule, frustrated by body image and weight issues, or simply wanting to learn new ways to cook healthier and more creatively, she helps educate, inspire and supports her clients to realize ease and optimal health.

Beth has four beautiful, successful adult children living across the country and world, as well as a wonderful husband who has been her best friend and partner for over thirty years. They live in a beautiful area of Colorado in a pretty new home and enjoy nothing more than spending lots of time hiking and playing in nature – especially with their sweet white golden retriever Arwen. They love to travel to Italy to visit our daughter, Maeve – who lives in Rome, and they travel to Europe at least twice a year. They never fail to experience the joy, fun and adventure of attending an authentic Italian cooking class while visiting.

To learn more about her company – Joyful Wellness – and the services Beth offers, visit her website at: www.Joyfulwellnesswithbeth.com

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