NTI PodTalk with Graduate Shari Engkvist

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Meet Shari Engkvist who Graduated from NTI in 2010. See what she is doing with her certification.

Welcome to NTI PodTalk, our interview series where we talk to interesting people about why they love nutrition, how they use it in their lives and how being a part of NTI has impacted them.

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Shari Engkvist Bio

Shari’s own experience with autoimmune disease led her to study nutrition therapy. She has learned firsthand that a healthy diet and lifestyle can reclaim your health. Shari worked as the nutritionist for the Centers for Complementary Medicine at Kaiser Permanente and later co-founded Radiance Functional Medicine, promoting wellness from within. She personalizes each clients program and believes that balancing physical, mental and emotional health is the key to long term success.

Phone: 1 (303)-333-1668
Email: shari@radiancefunctionalmedicine.com
Website: https://radiancefunctionalmedicine.com
City: Denver


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