NTI PodTalk with Laura Waldo from NANP

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Welcome to NTI PodTalk, our interview series where we talk to interesting people about why they love nutrition, how they use it in their lives and how being a part of NTI has impacted them.

Meet Laura Waldo who is a Legislative Affairs Specialist at NANP. Laura Waldo has more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technology sector where she worked as a consultant with Government and Private Industry clients. She became passionate about nutrition when her toddler son became extremely ill and a diagnosis eluded the medical community. Laura began learning about the healing power of food, and with the urging of family, and friends in the Holistic Community, she returned to school, graduating from the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2013.

Laura opened her nutrition practice in Virginia but became frustrated hearing stories of practitioners who were unable to work due to restrictive laws in the States where they resided. In 2017 Laura began her journey of grassroots advocacy and policy change as the Deputy Director of the Council of Holistic Health Educators. Now at the NANP, Laura works diligently to promote the rights of our members to practice nutrition without legislative threats. She maintains her private nutrition practice, home-schools her son, and is excited to work with the NANP, aiding practitioners and advocating policy change at the State level.

In this episode:

– Review “the wins” in practice laws for different states

– Define terms of the laws

– Discuss scope of practice, titles, and ordering tests

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Be sure to check out episode 43 of the NTI PodTalk where Laura Waldo shares updates from the Legislative Affairs division and takes a deep dive into the scope of practice for Holistic Nutrition Professionals.

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