NTI Proudly Celebrates an Anniversary with Natural Grocers

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The Nutrition Therapy is excited take part in celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Natural Grocers’ Colfax and Washington store, located at 1433 Washington St., Denver, CO 80203 on Saturday, February 21st.

Danielle Cicak is the Nutritional Health Coach at Natural Grocers and is a graduate of NTI having earned her Master Nutrition Therapy diploma. Danielle will be giving a presentation from 12:00 to 1:30 pm on taking care of your heart. She will uncover some common heart myths and provide 3 dietary strategies and supplements that will pump up your heart health.

Chef Lynda, NTI’s culinary instructor for the Natural Foods Chef program, will be offering a cooking demo from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Chef Lynda will be preparing a heart-healthy meal while sharing research about heart health.

Natural Grocers will be giving away door prizes to lucky customers. NTI will also have a table there, so be sure to drop by and learn about the Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Since Danielle is one of our graduates, we thought we’d ask her a little about the work that she does at Natural Grocers:

What do you do as a Natural Health Coach for Natural Grocers?

As a Nutritional Health Coach (NHC) for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (NGVC) I am responsible for providing nutrition education to our staff, customers, and the community that we serve. At this location, I offer cooking demonstrations every Friday, health seminars on Saturdays, one-on-one coaching sessions by appointment, and I’m available to speak in the community on health related topics.

All of the services I offer as an NHC are complimentary to our customers. In addition, I assist in the vitamin and body care departments on Tuesdays and Fridays and I oversee our book department. There are many different hats we wear as NHCs.

I’m also the store’s marketing person, distributing fliers for all of our events, managing our store’s MeetUp and Yelp pages, and building connections within our community to gain outreach opportunities while simultaneously recruiting guest presenters. The role of the NHC is really to serve as the resident nutrition expert. We provide on-going training to our staff on the DSHEA laws (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) as well as relevant nutrition topics. It’s a role that requires flexibility and strict time management.

What sets Natural Grocers apart from other health food stores?

While I may be biased in my response…everything! First and foremost is our commitment to providing science-based nutrition education. While many of our competitors are beginning to hire nutritionists or registered dieticians, none of them emphasize education the way NGVC does; and complimentary nonetheless!

As an NHC, I’m required to maintain continuing education. NGVC provides multiple opportunities to fulfill this requirement and, in addition, holds regular meetings for the NHCs hosted by our nutrition education department to keep us updated on the most current happenings in the world of nutrition.

Second is our pricing. If you’ve shopped our competitors, you probably already know that we offer the most competitive pricing in town. We’re able to do this through programs like our Everyday Affordable Pricing (EDAP) where we negotiate lower costs on items we sell and pass the savings on to our customers. Our founder, Margaret Isely, believed this was a basic human right: everyone should be able to have access to those items that keep them healthy.

Third is our commitment to providing only the highest quality products. We simply won’t carry items that contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, conventionally-raised animal products, or conventional produce. We only sell 100% USDA certified organic produce. These standards are carried throughout the store with only the highest quality supplements and body care, only naturally-raised animal products (no antibiotics, no growth hormones or growth promoters, at minimum a 100% vegetarian diet free from animal by-product – although many are exclusively raised on grass, and many organic and verified non-GMO options).

We’ve recently changed our dairy standards to remove all confinement dairy from our shelves. We now require a minimum of 120 days on open pasture – reflecting the national standard, although many are raised on an open pasture for much longer.

We also have a commitment to the environment. Many first-time shoppers are surprised that we don’t offer plastic or paper bags (which are a major contributor to the Great American Garbage Patch, a mass of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean that’s about twice the size of Texas and negatively impacting the marine life there), but this decision reflects our commitment to reduce our environmental impact. Instead, we offer reused boxes and reusable bags for a small charge.

While all of these things most certainly set us apart, I have to say that our standard for customer service far surpasses that of any other market I’ve ever stepped foot into. We pride ourselves on what we call World Class Customer Service. Through ongoing nutrition education and training, we’re able to provide a knowledgeable and friendly staff that’s willing to go the extra mile to insure customer satisfaction.

Tell us a little more about the Heart Health talk you will be giving.

The class I will be offering on Saturday, February 21st is titled “Where to Start to Love Your Heart.” We’ll start by uncovering some of the common heart health myths: are saturated fat and cholesterol really the “bad guys” they’ve been made out to be? What role does inflammation play? What the heck is a lipoprotein anyway?


We’ll discuss dietary strategies, supplements, and lifestyle modifications that support heart health and wrap up with resources for success. The class will begin at noon in our demo kitchen. It’s an excellent class for anyone who’s confused by all the contradictory advice they’ve been given about cardiovascular health.

To find out more about the event, go here.

NTI is excited to be participating in NFG’s one year anniversary and look forward to sharing some great new recipes and sharing information about NTI

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