NTI PodTalk with Graduate and Admissions Team Member, Daina Rasutis, MS, NTM

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Listen in while Dianne interviews one of our Admissions Staff Members, Daina Rasutis.

About Daina Rasutis, MS, NTM

Daina graduated with an MS in Civil Engineering with a focus on sustainability but found herself most drawn to work related to food and environmentalism. Her interest in food and holistic health led her to NTI, from where she graduated as a Nutrition Therapist Master in January 2021 and is currently running her nutrition therapy practice, Table to Crave. Daina also works as an Admissions Counselor at NTI.

Daina is the second of our staff interview series. We believe it’s important that our community know we are real people who care deeply about our students, our graduates, and the mission at Nutrition Therapy Institute. Now, you can put faces to the names and learn more about their backgrounds and how NTI has made an impact on them.

In this episode Daina and Dianne discuss:

  • 02:14 – Daina talks about how her experiences in grad school got her interested in nutrition
  • 04:00 – How Daina discovers NTI 
  • 05:25 – Dianne and Daina discuss what it was like to take a nutrition course in college
  • 08:29 – Daina talks about how long it took her to finish the Nutrition Therapist Master Certification and what she is doing since graduating 
  • 09:43 – How Daina gets clients and what tools she uses for marketing 
  • 11:10 – Daina’s role on the admissions team at Nutrition Therapy Institute 
  • 13:46 – Daina’s favorite foods to eat for lunch 
  • 15:05 – Daina’s interests and hobbies
  • 18:53 – How to connect with Daina 
  • 19:30 – The advanced training Daina went through after she graduated from NTI

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Are you ready to start your journey as a Nutrition Therapist Master or Natural Food Chef?

We value our students and honor their desire to enact change within their own lives and the lives of others.  Our curriculum is diverse and rigorous, covering the topics most needed to help understand how nutrition plays a role in the health challenges of today. Graduates from NTI are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to generate maximum impact on day one after graduation.  You can reach our admissions team at 303-284-8361 or ad********@nt*******.com.  We look forward to helping you make a positive impact in the world and achieve your goals!

This discussion is not intended to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy, nor in any way imply that Nutrition Therapists who graduate from NTI are qualified to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy. The scope of practice for graduates of NTI is to deliver therapeutic nutrition guidance to our clients which helps support their natural biology to achieve optimal function in whatever wellness path they are on.

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