Cecili Eckert

Cecili Eckert, CNTP

admissions Autoimmune, Gut Balance, Nutrition Therapist

Phone: 1 (512)-689-0169 Email: cecili@revivalnutritionandhealth.com Website: https://www.revivalnutritionandhealth.com/ City: Austin Specialty: Autoimmune, Gut Balance I was diagnosed with IBD and personally know the hardships of dealing with chronic digestive issues. I’ve …

Valeria Boyko

Valeria Boyko

admissions General Nutrition, Gut Balance, Nutrition Therapist

Phone: Email: wholistictherapiesshanghai@gmail.com Website: City: Shanghai Specialty: General Nutrition, Gut Balance I am a doctor Traditional Chinese Medicine, bioenergetic kinesiologist and Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. My area of expertise is …