Amber Frazier is a nutrition therapist master and natural food chef instructor at NTI.

Amber Frazier, NTM, NFC

Amber is a self-proclaimed nutrition nerd.  She found NTI as a student after many years of passionately pursuing health and wanting to learn how to thrive rather than just survive.  After resolving some of her own health issues, she experienced firsthand how powerful food can be and wants to help others come to the same realization.  She is a graduate of both the Nutrition Therapist Master and Natural Food Chef programs.  Amber believes that knowledge equals empowerment so she is thrilled to be able to guide others through their educational journeys as a member of the advising team and as a part of the NFC instructor team at NTI.

When not at work or reading something about nutrition, you can find Amber either in the kitchen or outside enjoying functional movement in many activities, her favorites are hiking, backpacking, climbing, trail running, yoga, and cross-country skiing.