Amber Williams is a Natural Food Chef, Master Nutrition Therapist, and admissions counselor at Nutrition Therapy Institute.

Amber Williams, MNT, NFC

Amber Williams is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist & Natural Food Chef. After suffering years of debilitating health symptoms and never finding answers in conventional medicine, Amber pursued a change in diet &  lifestyle, which resulted in finding health again after her year’s long battle with autoimmune disease. Because she experienced how powerful food was, she wanted to turn her passion for food and nutrition into a career by attending Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO.

Amber’s goal is to help her clients get to a place where they are truly thriving. She believes our food choices should be joyful, wholesome, nutrient dense, and delicious, knowing that each nutrient consumed plays a vital role in the body. By getting to the root of health related ailments, Amber creates nourishing menus while educating about nutritional tools her clients can use in their everyday lives that allow them to feel powerful.

Amber is on the Admissions Team at Nutrition Therapy Institute and she enjoys hearing stories from prospective students about what has caused them to look for an education in holistic nutrition while also being there to answer questions about the school.