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Students in the Natural Foods Chef Program learn to prepare a wide variety of healthy foods.

The Natural Foods Chef Program is your door to the future if you are interested in cooking delicious healing healthy food to help clients who are struggling with health conditions and people who want to be as healthy as possible. There are many ways to use this vital skill including becoming a personal chef, teaching healthy cooking classes, entertainment cooking, health food production for stores and restaurants, and many more.

This is a certification program. Students graduate with the title of Certified Natural Foods Chef. This program is offered exclusively in our beautifully renovated classroom.

What makes this program stand out?

We combine:

  • Classes in basic nutrition and the study of health conditions
  • In depth instruction in professional cooking skills
  • Business training to help you to prepare for your personal vocational dream

Join the growing field of personal chef cooking

The field of Personal Chef cooking is one of the fastest growing professions in the marketplace as people are learning about the extraordinary benefits of having their individualized menus designed and cooked for them.

Our program provides you with the skills and knowledge to move into the growing demand for personal chefs who can offer menus of proactively healthy organic food. Our natural chef graduates are qualified to prepare healthy food in the homes of people who want good food but don’t have time to cook—busy professional families, single working people, older people who can no longer cook for themselves, people with special needs, and many more.

Become proficient in preparing therapeutic meals to provide nutritional support for those who have health conditions that require therapeutic food for healing, conditions such as cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, allergies, stress, digestive disorders, etc.

There are more ways to apply this professional training

  • Be creative in introducing whatever whole foods are available from organic farms including seasonal local produce, raw milk, and other products
  • Become teachers and teach classes
  • Teach clients to cook healthy meals in their own homes
  • Work in health food restaurants, create health food restaurants and/or become a
  • consultant to health food restaurants
  • Cater healthy meals for events
  • Provide nutritious menus for entertainment venues
  • Produce healthy specialty foods for restaurants and stores
  • Train food service workers in preparation of whole foods from scratch

The NFC program provides personal opportunity

  • Learn basic natural cooking skills to cook healthy organic meals for friends and family
  • Create a family tradition and legacy of cooking healthy food and conscious eating
  • Teach parents and children how to cook alternative healthier foods
  • Create therapeutic menus for parents, grandparents and older family members to support health challenges of the aging

Click here to get a taste of the action and learn more about Natural Foods Chef Program instructor, Chef Lynda Lacher.