Nutritional Evaluation

Seminar on Lab Assessments for Nutritional Evaluation

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Seminar on Lab Assessments for Nutritional Evaluation

A 4-week webinar seminar open to NTI students and grads – happening January-February 2021

NTI students and grads are well trained to support their clients’ wellness goals by helping them optimize healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. Tools such as client intake forms, symptom surveys, and food journals are extremely beneficial, but having additional information from laboratory test results can provide added valuable insights, useful in making sound recommendations. This seminar is designed specifically to meet the learning needs of holistic nutrition professionals and empower ability for more comprehensive, individualized nutrition counseling.

The scope of practice for Nutrition Therapists allows for investigation about health topics through the lens of nutrition, and learning how to interpret the nutritional implications of certain lab markers fits well within this standard.

This Seminar on Lab Assessments for Nutritional Evaluation will be taught by Luke J. Terry, MTOM, L.Ac. Luke is a Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Botanical Extraction Consultant, Regenerative Medicine Pioneer, Podcaster, Health Coach, Inventor, and Formulator. Since 2003, he has practiced as a functional medicine and nutrition consultant, working both as a solo practitioner, and with physicians, integrative pharmacies, and nutraceutical manufacturers. In the realm of education, Luke has taught many courses for students and professionals in the natural medicine field.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Laboratory testing access and limitations, state-by-state basis
  • Scope of practice and disclaimers for Nutrition Therapists
  • Metabolic health and its impact within the context of holistic nutrition counseling
  • Special topics including Lean Mass Hyper-Responders, Skinny-fat Syndrome, and more
  • Nutritional evaluation of specific lab markers (CBC, Blood Lipids, Complete Thyroid Panel, Hormone Panel, Fasting Glucose, CRP, Vitamin D3, and more)
  • Case studies* (participants can submit case studies to be discussed during the seminar)
  • Q&A sessions
  • …and more!

*case studies will be discussed on a first-come-first-serve basis, as time allows

Prerequisites: Open to all NTI Students and Graduates.  Must be a current or past NTI student to attend.

Schedule: Saturdays, 9am-1pm (MST); Jan 30th, Feb 6th, Feb 13th, Feb 20th

Location: Online, live-streamed via Zoom (recordings provided to those who attend live)

Attendance Policy: 3 out of 4 webinars must be attended live (a recording will be provided for up to one missed webinar)

Resources included with registration: In-depth manual including all instructional content, providing the participant with an applicable reference for their nutrition counseling practice

Cost: $247 for current NTI students; $297 for NTI graduates (status will be confirmed by NTI administration)

Event Registration is closing on Friday, January 29th at 5 pm (MST).

Refund policy:
If NTI cancels the event, all participants will get a full refund.
A full refund minus a $25 processing fee will be given to participants who cancel their registration up to 24 hours before the event.
After the 24 hour cancellation window, no refunds will be issued.

Image:  Image by Startup Stock Photos is free for use by Pexels

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