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Structure Your Five R’s Protocol For Success

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Efficiently Guide Every Client to Gut Health: Structure your 5R’s Protocol for Success – Recording of Live Presentation

You’ve learned Functional Medicine’s 5Rs protocol for gut repair and you’ve addressed these Rs with a variety of clients, but if your program doesn’t feel easy or efficient for you or your client, you may not be getting the consistent results you’d like and your business requires. The studies are in, showing that the health of nearly every system of our human bodies rely on digestive health first. As healthcare practitioners, that means that no matter your niche, your clients require a healthy gut to reach their goals, and YOU are their guide.

The more efficiently you can guide your clients through an anti-inflammatory, elimination diet and gut repair program, the more you can streamline your business and your clients’ experience. If you want to know how to:

  • Create a 5Rs program that ensures success for every client, despite their varied symptoms and lifestyles
  • Customize the program for each individual without jeopardizing ease, efficiency or successful outcomes
  • Ensure your program feels efficient for you while supporting client compliance, even during an elimination diet
  • Avoid the many mistakes practitioners make that prevent clinical success
  • Create confidence and build wisdom by learning from each client’s outcome, which you won’t learn how to do anywhere else
  • Learn how mastering gut repair can contribute to your business success, partnerships and bottom line

Join us to learn exactly how to create a gut repair program that brings success to you, your business and your clients every time.

This seminar is provided by a special guest presenter, Erin Livers. As an integrated clinical nutrition therapist, health educator, and intuitive chef, Erin empowers people to cultivate a mindful relationship with their body, their creativity, with nature and nourishment.

Prerequisites: Open to all NTI Students, Graduates, and Holistic Nutrition Professionals.

Date: Recorded live on Tuesday, May 4th, 6:30 – 8pm (MDT)

Recording Availability:  This is a recording of the live presentation, including questions and comments.  Purchase is available through 5pm (MDT) May 21, 2021

Cost: $25

Refund policy:

No refunds issued for purchase of the recording

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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