Lauren Simms

Dianne Koehler

There are not enough words to express my appreciation and respect for NTI! I obtained an incredible education and also built lifelong friends. This Institute encompasses complete holistic nutrition fundamentals, …


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“The NFC program was perfect for me.I thrived in a small environment and embraced the school’s philosophy.”

Heather P.

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“I gained close ties with several of my classmates and am still very close with some of them nearly ten years later.”

Brigette M.

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“The intention of this schools is unlike others. It is so closely aligned with my goals and dreams. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from all of …


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“My instructor was the kindest ever. Thanks for the extra information you shared with me! It is so valuable.”

Janie S.

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“The teleconferences were great and the instructor’s comments and insights with the exams and assignments were fantastic.She went above & beyond the class material and provided extra resources for further …

Dr. Francesca

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“I feel more prepared than ever for talking on clients and will pursue more clients in the near future.”

Emily S.

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“My instructor feedback and input on assignments, along with sharing extra articles or resources is so helpful! Really gives me an extra boost in learning the material and how to …

Charmaine S.

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“I would highly recommended NTI to anyone wanting to make their carer in the field of nutrition!”

Shelly H.

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“Nutrition Therapy Institute’s Natural Foods Chef Program was a comprehensive, well-structured, rigorous program that absolutely changed my life.”