Healthy Camping Foods

Time for a Camp Revamp!

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How many times have you gone camping only to regret what you ate later?  Good news is, camping doesn’t have to be about chips, hot dogs, and s’mores.  Perhaps it’s time to revamp your menu! Make your next camping experience fun and healthy!  Say goodbye to packaged food. Begin with the mindset of bringing healthy items that will bring no regrets! Plan ahead and then shop wisely. Don’t wait until the last minute! For certain, s’mores are a fun tradition. However, they may leave you feeling not so great. It might be time to consider creating new camping treats that are sure to please!

Below is a list of camping food ideas:


– Water (of course!)

– Coconut Water (not only to hydrate but a nice sweet treat too)

– Low Sugar Kombucha (something to have if you’re steering clear of alcohol or you can turn it into a booch cocktail)

– Your favorite protein powder (add with water and chia seeds in a shaker bottle)


– Mixed nuts (make your own special trail mix)

– Low-sugar fruits (green apples, raspberries, or blueberries)

– Nut butter

– Sweet potato chips (cooked in coconut oil)

– Organic beef/turkey jerky


– Organic lunch meat

– Pre-packed salad (you prepared yourself J)

– Tuna salad or chickpea and avocado salad with lettuce cups

– Quinoa salad with veggies


– Chicken and veggie kabobs (super easy!)

– Veggie or Chicken and Veggie fajitas with peppers and onions (you can pre-slice and have this all marinating in a bag)

– Steak and asparagus (or any grilled veggies of your choice!)

Sweet Treat

– Banana boats in foil (cut banana in half-length wise, keep banana in skin, scoop out some banana, add nut butter and dark chocolate and throw them in the fire…in foil, of course)

Get creative with each meal! It is way more fun to have your friends and family help prepare a delicious and nutritious campfire meal together! Make it more about the experience, rather than the convenience of foods that you may regret later.

Campers, what are your favorite nutrient-dense meals you bring on your camping trips? What do you create on the campfire? #ntieats to share!

Kelly Pender is an admissions counselor at Nutrition Therapy Institute. She is also a Registered Yoga Instructor and also leads monthly Yoga & Hiking workshops. 

Image: bhofack2/123RF

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