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Why Are Greens So Healthy For You?

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Why Are Greens Actually So Healthy For You?
by Aimee McNew, MNT

It’s the time of year where the summer heat and the need for bikini bodies are prompting an influx of green smoothies and detoxes, but why are greens so good for you anyway? Is all of the hype just a summertime fad?

Greens are healthy because they contain chlorophyll. Not only can chlorophyll keep you fuller longer, but the compounds found within it have been used for a century to help the body to heal faster. Chlorophyll itself can bind with toxins within the digestive tract and actually carry them out through our waste channels, ridding the body of potential carcinogens. Just about everyone has heard of antioxidants, and chlorophyll is a potent source of them, helping to defend the body against free radical damage that can happen as a result of many normal body processes. And since we’re only as healthy as our blood is, it’s worth noting that the compounds in chlorophyll are also excellent for increasing hemoglobin and oxygenating the blood. [Source:] Amazingly enough, all of these benefits aren’t the only reason to eat chlorophyll-containing greens.

Greens are healthy because they contain vitamins and minerals. We all know that to be healthy, we need vitamins and minerals. Sadly, many people these days assume that taking a multivitamin is enough to meet these daily needs, when in fact, nutrients that come directly from our foods are more readily absorbed and bioavailable. Greens are rich sources of vitamins, particularly folate, vitamin K, and vitamin C, as well as minerals, like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. [Source: http://]

Greens are healthy because they contain fiber. Did you know that most holistic health professionals and nutritionists think that you should be eating 50+ grams daily of fiber? And that the average American consumes on average less than 12 grams of fiber daily. Fiber not only allows the intestines and colon to function more effectively, it also plays a major role in helping the body to stabilize blood sugar and utilize food as energy. Of course fiber also promotes weight loss, brain health, and cardiovascular health.[Source:] It should be noted that not all sources of fiber are created equal, and that’s why fiber from greens packs such a powerful punch, because you’re getting fiber with the vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll, which all combine to support numerous functions of the body and promote overall health and wellness


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