Natural Food Chef Program

Like to cook? Imagine cooking fabulous meals for your family, friends and clients.

Imagine moving through your kitchen surrounded by nothing but organic vegetables, whole grains, top-quality meats, eggs and a range of the more unusual things like pate, kimchi, kefir and bone broth. Like the idea of putting out delicious meals that are not only healthy but downright regenerative? Then join us!

  • Design individualized menus and recipes tailored to maximize wellness
  • Develop a business as a personal chef using quality whole food ingredients
  • Cater healthy meals for events
  • Teach cooking classes to friends and neighbors and develop a following of home cooks who want new ideas
  • Produce healthy specialty foods for restaurants and stores
  • Teach clients about the connection between health, recipes, and the joy of eating delicious food

Transform your kitchen, your cooking, and the people you serve.

The NTI Natural Food Chef Program delves into the secrets of healthy cooking in the context of delicious international cuisine. From the olive oil infused delicacies of the Mediterranean, to the pungent spices and ghee of Ayurvedic cuisine, to the exquisite harmony of the perfectly balanced Vegan Sushi roll, students are immersed in the world’s ethnic traditions. They develop foundational chef skills like cutting, chopping, braising, basting, sauce preparation, and soups in the context of health and healing. Students learn how to adapt recipes based on the particular needs of those for whom they cook. In this way, they are prepared to cook for their families, restaurants, community organizations, or schools—in any cooking situation that puts a premium on health.
  • Our program is 18 weeks long.
  • Classes meet 20 hours per week with an additional 80 hours of Independent Study and 16 hours of guided study.
  • The course schedule accommodates people who work part time or have flexible work schedules.
  • Learn to cook from recipes, and at the same time, unleash your creative side — understand the principles of cooking techniques, so you don’t have to rely on recipes.
  • Develop your own menu plans and carve your niche in the growing demand for healthy living.
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Transform your kitchen, your cooking, and the people you serve.

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