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Become a Nutrition Therapist Master

This 500-hour program provides rigorous, in-depth education in the relevant topics you need to know to become a skilled practitioner.

What makes NTI different from other nutrition schools? - We teach not only what to do, but why to do it.

NTI’s Nutrition Therapist Master program is right for you if you want to:

Deeply understand how nutrition influences health from a science and research-based curriculum

Be empowered with critical thinking skills that enable you to assess the reliability of nutrition advice you are hearing from others

Support your own health and that of your family and community

Create a rewarding career that aligns with your personal beliefs about wellness

Attain confidence and competence in knowing how to expertly guide others in achieving their own wellness goals

Be ready to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Become your own boss and achieve a desirable work-life balance

Become the person YOU needed most on your health journey!

There are many post-education possibilities to consider as a graduate of NTI. Find out what you can do with your certification.

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What Our Students Say

Five star review for Nutrition Therapy Institute.

"I am in my third class at NTI and I am LOVING every moment! I really appreciate their approach on nutrition, biochemistry, the human body, and they teach the WHY behind nutrition and the body.

I can't wait for my next class to start and I encourage anyone who truly wants to understand and learn about nutrition- this is the place!! Better than any nutrition class at a university."

—Jennifer Bograkos

Five star review for Nutrition Therapy Institute.

"After beginning my own health journey in earnest 15 years ago, I developed a desire to know more and help others on their own health journeys. NTI gives me the knowledge, tools, and credibility I need to be a voice for health through nutrition.

The instructors really know their stuff and have kept my interest! I highly recommend NTI!!"

—Sheri Arnold

Five star review for Nutrition Therapy Institute.

"I am *very* impressed. Not only have I completed a four-year degree in Nutrition prior to this class, but various other nutrition-adjacent certifications, and this by far is the most comprehensive.

10/10 recommend if you're on the fence about which program to do."

—Ally Hoevenaar

Five star review for Nutrition Therapy Institute.

"I have studied nutrition & holistic foods my whole life, and this program has taught me more in the first semester then I have learned in all of those years.

Especially if you are in middle age or beyond where health is really becoming a priority, you NEED this education! It may very well save your life, and those of the people you love."

—Deana Hale

Core Academic Courses

Anatomy & Physiology for the Nutritionist

Special emphasis is placed on principles of physiological function and nutrient/body system interrelationships.

Biochemical Foundations of Nutrition

Principles are presented in an understandable and accessible way to enable students to use the information to educate their clients. Emphasis is on the application of principles to life situations.

Nutrients: The Building Blocks

The chemistry and mechanisms of action of each of the macro and micronutrients are covered in this comprehensive course, including carbohydrates, lipids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Digestion and Detoxification

Study includes digestion processes and malfunctions which can lead to compromised nutrient assimilation and resulting toxicity. Colon health, liver detoxification and detox protocols, and digestive disorders are covered in the course.

Life Cycles and Healthy Aging

Holistic thought is emphasized focusing on the special nutrition requirements for different stages of life starting with preconception and progressing to healthy aging protocols.

Pathophysiology and Clinical Applications

Content includes the pathophysiology of common health conditions along with cutting-edge applied nutritional protocols for adjunctive support. Wide-ranging topics covered include: stress, blood sugar imbalances, methylation, cardiovascular disease, mental health disorders, and autoimmunity.

Weight Management and Sports Nutrition

The course begins with principles of metabolism in weight control and progresses into the study of various influences involved in weight management. Classes in sports nutrition focus on energy metabolism, performance, recovery, and specific dietary protocols for different athletic needs.

Nutritional Endocrinology and Reproductive Health

A deep dive into the endocrine system and targeted nutritional strategies for hormone balance.  Content includes thyroid health, hormone balance for both male and female reproductive systems, and the hormonal pathways utilized for bone health.

Introduction to Herbology, Supplements and Nutritional Lab Reports

This course provides information on adjunct tools for use in the current nutrition therapy paradigm. It is designed to introduce basic concepts in herbology, the use of supplements in clinical practice, and provides a primer on available lab testing and their appropriate application in a nutrition practice.

Research and Communications

In this course, students learn how to use and properly cite information resources that are specific to health-related topics. They discuss evidence-based medicine and learn how to evaluate whether a scientific study is of high or low quality. In addition to being the prerequisite foundation for the Independent Study project, this course also provides skills necessary for creating credible content for your future nutrition therapy practice.

Skills Development Courses

Nutrition Therapy in Practice

This course delves into the 'mechanics' of being a Nutrition Therapist Master and provides students with the skills needed to have meaningful interaction with their clients. Here you will create your intake forms, so necessary for getting good information from your client; learn how to perform diet analysis and efficient ways to present nutritional needs to your client; get guidance on how to conduct client meetings so your clients feel supported in achieving their wellness goals.

Business Readiness and Coaching Skills

Here students explore their own self-awareness and motivations that underlie their passion for learning about nutrition and sharing what they know with others.  You will be introduced to usable, relevant business tools that can be implemented to build a successful business or be an impactful member of an existing team helping clients meet their optimal wellness goals.  An introduction to practice-targeted coaching skills will help enable you to interact with your clients in a powerful, compassionate way that empowers them to make change.

Independent Study

The Nutrition Therapist Master Certification Program culminates with Independent Study which offers the student the opportunity for concentrated research in a particular area of interest and the development of a niche area of specialization to prepare for the workplace. Here you will work independently and create a final project that stands as the exhibit of your expertise in a specific subject. Different from our other courses, we have allotted 20 weeks for this course to give you ample time to complete your final project masterpiece.
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Graduation and achievement of certification as a Nutrition Therapist Master requires successful completion of all 13 courses in our NTMC program, which includes a combination of core academic courses and skills development courses.

The first 12 courses are each 10 weeks long; The final course, Independent Study, is completed over a 20-week time frame

NTI is a pay-as-you-go school, meaning students only pay for the course(s) that they register for; there are no deposits, down payments, or finance charges. For details about interest-free payment plan options please see the tuition page.

Flexible Learning Options:

Online Distance Learning

Our entire program can be taken online in either Group Start or Independent Start formats.

Group Start:

You progress through the course as part of a group during the scheduled 10-week academic terms - fall, winter, spring, and summer.  Group start students participate in weekly live webinars and discussion boards with their classmates. This option offers scheduled, regular interaction with the instructor!

Independent Start:

For greater flexibility, you can choose Independent Start online, meaning you select your own start date and complete the course within a 10-week time frame at any time of the year.  Scheduled exam due dates still apply.  Independent start students are not required to participate in weekly webinars or discussion boards.

Classroom Learning

For those who prefer to learn in person, most of our courses can be taken in the classroom at our physical location in Arvada, CO.  Classroom courses run during the scheduled 10-week academic terms - fall, winter, spring, and summer.  Classes are held weekly, three hours each week, for 10 weeks.

NTI is one of the only nutrition schools to offer an in-person classroom experience!

We also allow a hybrid approach - take some courses in person and others online.  You choose which format to take each time you register for a course. We offer flexibility that enables you to fit going to school into any lifestyle. 

Progressing Through the NTMC Program

We offer a variety of flexible ways to partake in our curriculum so students can make choices that align with their learning style and lifestyle, and make going to school an easier fit in their schedule.  This means that the flow of courses may not be the same for everyone.

All students are required to complete NTI's foundational prerequisite courses - Anatomy and Physiology for the Nutritionist, Biochemical Foundations of Nutrition, Nutrients the Building Blocks, and Nutrition Therapy in Practice (in that order) - before moving on to the rest of their curriculum.

All of our courses are offered every term.

Full-time students take two courses at a time each of the 6 terms; during 3 of their terms, they will overlap with an additional skills development course.  This method enables completion of the program in 18 months.  Students who choose to be part-time students take one course at a time and can complete the program in three years.

Here is an example of what the program progress may look like, including the first four foundational prerequisite courses (each student's path may look a little different depending on their unique scheduling needs):

  • Term one

    Anatomy & Physiology for the Nutritionist + Biochemical Foundations of Nutrition

  • Term two

    Nutrients: The Building Blocks + Nutrition Therapy in Practice

  • Term three

    Digestion and Detoxification + Life Cycles and Healthy Aging Nutrition + Business Readiness and Coaching Skills

  • Term four

    Pathophysiology and Clinical Applications + Research and Communications

  • Term five

    Weight Management and Sports Nutrition + Nutritional Endocrinology and Reproductive Health + Independent Study (1st half)

  • Term six

    Introduction to Herbology, Supplements and Lab Assessments + Independent Study (2nd half)

Our curriculum is designed to be comprehensive, clinically relevant and empowering – giving our graduates the skills they need to make an impact on day one.
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Trusted. Proven. Credible.

National Association of Nutrition Professionals logo.Approved by the Colorado Division of Private and Occupational Schools.

National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Approved

Approval from NANP ensures that we meet the high academic standards set for the field of holistic nutrition.

All NTMC graduates are eligible to sit for the NANP board exam to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Because NTI students graduate with such a strong foundation, we also have one of the highest pass rates on the board exam out of all of the NANP-approved schools.

Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS)

Approved by the Colorado Division of Private and Occupational Schools.

To be granted DPOS approval, quarterly and yearly appraisals take place, in addition to participating in a rigorous full school and program evaluation every three years.

This is not something that is required as a nutrition school— we achieve DPOS approval to show that we are a credible institution. DPOS assures the student that the Institute has an approved program of study, operates on a sound financial basis, has qualified instructors, approved recruitment and admissions policies, and promotes its courses truthfully.

For more details about NTI's approval agencies and accreditation status please see the FAQ page.

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