Breakfast meal prep bowls workshop.

Fed & Fueled: A Breakfast Meal Prep Workshop

February 2, 2024

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Join Nutrition Therapy Institute for a delightful and informative Breakfast Meal Prep workshop. Learn how to create colorful, filling, nourishing, and delicious breakfasts you can make in advance to enjoy throughout your busy week. Whether you’re a busy professional, student, or just someone looking for help reaching your health goals, this event is perfect to help you enhance your morning routine.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Interactive cooking lesson with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare quick and healthy meals for breakfast. Participants will learn how to prepare recipes – both sweet and savory, for simple and nourishing breakfasts throughout the week. Participants will also have a chance to sit and enjoy the food after the food preparation as well as take home extra meals to have for the week ahead. Recipes will be included in part of your take-home pack!
  • Nutritional insights from Natural Food Chef and Nutrition Therapist Master graduates who will provide valuable information regarding the importance of high protein breakfast and high-quality ingredients that will make you feel energized!
  • Participants will learn and participate in 4 recipes, take 4-5 meals home to enjoy throughout the week, and will have the opportunity to eat portions of each recipe at the event.

*Please note that due to the nature of the class having multiple recipes, each participant may not be able to be hands-on in each recipe, but all recipes will be explained in detail to ensure you can take notes and have a full understanding of each portion.”

**Spots are limited. Get your tickets before it’s too late!**

About the Hosts:

Maddie Lebrun is a nurse, Natural Food Chef and Nutrition Therapist Master and the head chef instructing this workshop. Having worked in hospitals for 7 years in a variety of settings, Maddie has seen the impact of chronic disease in patients. Maddie has been determined to try and make an impact on her patients’ lives in small ways, whether it was discussing nutrition or lifestyle changes outside of the hospital. As Maddie navigates the next steps in her career away from the nursing bedside, she hopes to use her background, experience, and passion to blend the two worlds of conventional and holistic medicine to positively impact future patients or clients!

Amber Williams is a Master Nutrition Therapist and Natural Food Chef and is the assistant chef in this workshop. After suffering years of debilitating health symptoms, Amber pursued a change in diet &  lifestyle, which resulted in finding health again after her year’s long battle with autoimmune disease. Because she experienced how powerful food was, she wanted to turn her passion for food and nutrition into a career by attending Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO. Amber believes our food choices should be joyful, wholesome, nutrient-dense, and delicious, knowing that each nutrient consumed plays a vital role in the body. Amber works with clients all over the country with their nutrition and helps clients locally as a personal chef.

Meal Prep Workshop Details:


March 16th, 10 am – 1 pm MDT

Class Type:

In-person only

Ticket Price:

$250 per ticket

Registration Deadline:

Register by 12 pm on Thursday, March 14th

Refund Policy:

If NTI cancels the event, all participants will get a full refund of their purchased ticket price. A $15 processing fee will be assessed for participants who cancel their registration up to 72 hours before the event. After the 72-hour cancellation window, no refunds will be issued.

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