Nutrition Therapy for Cognitive Health & Mobility Workshop

Vibrant Aging: Cognitive Health & Mobility Workshop

January 26, 2024

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Achieving and maintaining optimal brain and body function throughout life is an all-encompassing endeavor that requires active participation on the part of each individual, including considerations about how you eat, sleep, move, and think. Three types of dysfunction tend to go together and feed into a cycle that promotes declining health as we age: cognitive decline, compromised mobility, and incontinence.

This two-part workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn how these three areas are intrinsically related and will provide action steps to interrupt the paths of dysfunction.

Part 1: Nutrition & Lifestyle

Part 1 will focus on the nutritional requirements necessary for favorable cognitive function and highlight some key lifestyle strategies that may be lacking. Included within this discussion is an explanation of how cognitive decline, compromised mobility, and incontinence converge and foster one another in a downward cycle that culminates in dramatically diminished health.

Part 2: Mobility Work

Part 2 is an active participation stretching class based on biomechanics and body alignment. We all have regions of poorly aligned movement that contribute to maladjusted compensatory patterns. Eventually, these patterns no longer serve us, resulting in tissues that have excessive overuse or underuse which causes body function to break down – with compromised mobility and incontinence being just two examples of dysfunction that can occur. This class will help you identify and address adverse movement patterns to rectify over and underuse compensations to regain function.

The knowledge gained from this workshop is applicable at any age – diminishments in function and health are cumulative, occurring over years and decades. No matter your age, with this information, you will be empowered to make informed decisions and implement meaningful changes designed for maximum sustained benefit throughout life.

*Part 2 only require guests yoga mat and minimal additional equipment. Attendees will be emailed a list of supplies before the event.

Parts 1 and 2 can be taken individually, but the greatest impact results from participating in both parts. 

About the Host:

Owner and Director of Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI) in Arvada, CO, Dianne has been a leader in the field of nutrition education for 15 years. She is committed to helping people realize their optimal wellness potential through recognizing the full and inescapable impact of their food and lifestyle choices.  Dianne’s interest in this particular subject area stems from watching a family member experience the debilitating effects of cognitive decline, compromised mobility, and incontinence (all common features among most assisted-living residents). She is now on a mission to share what she knows to help others avert this same fate.

Aging Vibrantly Workshop Details:

Dates & Times:

  • March 23, 10-11:30 am (MT)
  • April 20, 10-11:30 am (MT)

Class Type:

  • Live in person, or live streamed via Zoom
  • Live attendance required. Recordings will not be provided

Ticket Price:

  • $45 per individual class
  • $80 package price for both parts 1 and 2

Registration Deadline:

  • Part 1: register by 12 pm on March 21st
  • Part 2: register by 12 pm on April 18th

Refund Policy:

If NTI cancels the event, all participants will get a full refund of their purchased ticket price. A $15 processing fee will be assessed for participants who cancel their registration up to 48 hours before the event. After the 48-hour cancellation window, no refunds will be issued.

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