Core Values

NTI serves world health by training holistic nutritionists of the highest quality

Since 1999, our school has been founded upon these 6 core values:

Become part of the nutrition solution by joining us at NTI.



Title: We help people fulfill life’s potential through optimal health.
Title: We empower people to take personal responsibility for health and wellbeing.
Title: We value rigorous scientific research.
Title: We employ excellent instructors who maintain thriving clinical practices.
Title: We respect students’ individual talents and needs.
Title: We are committed to the communities that sustain life on this planet.

NTI Distinctive Adavantage

  • Founded in 1999: known for tradition & excellence.
  • Outstanding clinicians will be your teachers. These are real-life people you will have access to, who you will be able to model professionally.
  • Enjoy the intimacy of our classes at our physical location in Denver, Colorado and in our carefully crafted online program.
  • We give you sufficient scientific grounding and depth, so you can collaborate effectively with MD’s, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and more!
  • Through our transformative health workshops, the support of our faculty, and the inspiration of a community of like-minded health pioneers, you won’t just study nutrition… You’ll become healthier.

Become part of the nutrition solution by joining us at NTI.


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