NTI Referral Program for Advocates

NTI is out to change the world – one bite at a time, one student at a time!  And you are a great advocate to help share our message.

Our greatest resource to tell others about the exceptional educational experience at NTI is you, our advocate who is confidently spreading the truth about holistic nutrition to your clients, family, and friends.

Refer a student to NTI and receive a $300 gift card of your choice!

Not only will you be helping amplify NTI’s overall mission: “Creating Optimal Health Through Nutrition Education”, but you will be rewarded with an awesome gift in the process.

You likely have been asked where did you go to school?  How can I learn what you know?  We have made it easy for you to share information about NTI with your community by creating templates that you can use on your social media with talking points you can share with those who express interest in learning more.  And we want to reward you for your efforts by giving you a $300 gift card of your choice!

You will get this gift card once your referral successfully completes their second course at NTI.

Your referral needs to tell us they were referred by you, and provide your name, before they register for their first course – make sure to tell them to let us know it was you who referred them!

Let your social media and website generate some extra revenue by referring all your followers to NTI to get comprehensive training in holistic nutrition or natural foods cooking. Even if you don’t speak to them directly, and they learn about NTI from your website or your social media, you are still eligible for the gift card – as long as they mention your name when they register.

Start implementing your NTI referral stream of revenue today.  Download a pdf below with more details and templates that you can use to easily incorporate your advocacy for NTI throughout your online presence. 

Advocate Details


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